Ryan Seacrest Has Something Big to Tell You

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The Call Sheet sifts through the day's glut of Hollywood news to find the stories even non-industry types care about. Today: Ryan Seacrest has an announcement, Katy Perry has announced her latest dropping, and Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels may be teaming up again.

It seems that Ryan Seacrest is poised to make a "big NBC announcement" on the Today show tomorrow, which could mean many things. It might mean, like it did for Meredith Vieira this morning, that he'll be joining their Olympics coverage team, or it could mean something else, some other kind of big announcement. Some more personal kind of NBC announcement, perhaps? "I'm Ryan Seacrest and I am a fan of Smash." "I'm Ryan Seacrest and I've watched every episode of Fashion Star." "I'm Ryan Seacrest and my favorite character on The Office is Oscar." You know, that kind of NBC announcement? Hey, it could happen. [Deadline]

Katy Perry, the scientifically proven reincarnation of Michael Jackson, is releasing a hotly anticipated concert film this summer — it will be a bigger music movie than Hard Days Night and Cool As Ice put together — and the release date has just become official. Or sort of official. The movie, called Phony Teen Nostalgia and Gay Exploitation Katy Perry: Part of Me, will be released on July 4th weekend. Fitting, as Perry plans to beam the film into theaters herself using her whip cream breast cannons that she's retrofitted into satellite dishes that also shoot out fireworks. She's such an important artist! [E!, via Vulture]

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Hm. The overcrowded season premiere of AMC's much-maligned murder series The Cancellation of 'Rubicon' The Killing was down some 33% in viewers from last year's premiere. Which people are spinning as a possible indication that viewers were mad at the show from last season, but really wouldn't it stand to reason that more people would watch the series premiere of a show out of curiosity than would tune in for a second season premiere? That seems to make more sense. If it dropped 60 or 70 percent in the ratings, then we'd be all "Oh yeah, people are mad at this show," but 33% to us just means general diminished interest due to lack of newness. Either that or whoever killed Rosie Larsen went out and killed 33% of this show's fanbase, which you can look forward to being an upcoming plotline on AMC's The Killing. [Entertainment Weekly]

Oh, good. They're making another Dumb & Dumber movie with Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels and they're filming it this September, one of the Farrelly brothers says. Sure this project has been threatened for a long while, but maybe it is real this time? Maybe we really are going to have to suffer through, some eighteen years later, Harry and Lloyd in their fifties, complaining of aches and pains, feeling the general heavy-shoulder weight of the passing of time, of its relentless gray movement toward the black oblivion of death. Plus, y'know, farts. Sounds great! [Coming Soon, via Vulture]

Here is a red-band (meaning put on your headphones if you're at work) trailer for Seth MacFarlane's upcoming comedy Ted, about a nice guy (Mark Wahlberg) who still pals around with his filth-talking teddy bear. Of course the boring, humorless woman in his life (Mila Kunis), because there is always a boring humorless woman in these comedies, wants him to grow up and get rid of Ted, but he doesn't want to because they talk about swears and stuff together. There actually are some genuine laffs in this trailer, especially Wahlberg doing that long list of names, so we are suddenly pretty curious about this. Can Family Guy's idiosyncratic humor translate to the big screen? Watch this on TV months after its theatrical release to sorta find out!

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