Ryan Seacrest Gets Another Job

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Update: Stelter has posted a full story on the move, and apparently Seacrest's NBC portfolio will be pretty broad, including Olympics coverage! So that's pretty high profile. He'll also be helping Today out with politics coverage, which seems new for him, and appearing on some primetime programs too. Get the rest of the details at the Times.

Original: Perpetually overemployed TV personality Ryan Seacrest has just added another line to his resume, signing a contract with NBC's Today Show as a "special correspondent," The New York Times's Brian Stelter reports.

How on earth, with a radio show, various live American Idol broadcasts, the E! News hosting gig, and his appearances in every commercial on TV, does he plan on fitting this in? Stelter reports he'll make room in his schedule by reducing his E! News commitments. Before Matt Lauer resigned his contract for the price of a small country, Seacrest's name got tossed around a lot as a potential replacement. We had our reservations about that before it was debunked, wondering whether he was ready to grow up into that kind of role, so maybe this correspondent gig will be a good stepping stone. Or maybe it will finally break him (or America)? Either way, it'll be good TV. 

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