Pippa Middleton: Potential Jailbird

Today: Royals are acting criminally, Tiki Barber hits a marital snag, and Nicki storms off the internet.

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Welcome to the Smart Set. Every morning we bring you the gossip coverage, filtered. Today: Royals are acting criminally, Tiki Barber hits a marital snag, and Nicki storms off the internet.

Uh, oh! Pippa Middleton, sister of British empress Kate Middleton, could be in some legal trouble, could possibly be facing arrest even, for an incident that happened in France over the weekend. No, she didn't rashly try to impress her sister by marshaling some troops and ships and invading Normandy. She was with some pals in an Audi in Paris and, while besieged by photographers, the driver of the car she was in pulled out some sort of semiautomatic pistol and waved it at the pesky paps. No one was shot or anything but France is pretty strict about guns and stuff, so the driver could face a maximum of seven years in the clink (two if the gun wasn't real), while Pippa and her other car mates could at the very least be arrested and brought in for interrogation. Imagine the scandal! "Let her rot in a French jail," Kate will shriek, throwing something heavy and brass at a chamber maid. "I'll take off her head myself!" And then all that can calm the raging queen is a goblet of wine and a merry dance from her fool, Russell Brand. It's hard ruling England, especially when your splashy sister is running around Paris with weapon-wielding jerks. Bet you Elizabeth never had these kinds of problems. [Us Weekly]

Speaking of royal embarrassments, the Monégasque royal family is scrambling to hush a story about Princess Grace's grandson Pierre Casiraghi breaking his jaw in a bar brawl at a nightclub in the Meatpacking District of fair New York. Seems The New York Post got wind of the incident, which happened in February at Double Seven, and ran a story, which was picked up by French and German news outlets. Now those outlets are getting legal letters from Monaco, which is desperate to cover up the oopsy. Lil' prince Pierre was at the club with none other than Greek shipping heir and general bar menace Stavros Niarchos when they got into it with former Hawaiian Tropic Zone owner (cool job) Adam Hock. Hock is claiming that he was merely defending himself against the two belligerent party boys, but he's charged with assault anyway. So, Monaco, time to lock Pierre up in the tower or marry him off to some Transylvanian duke's daughter so he'll be stuck in the Carpathians, safe from prying eyes. Just whatever you do don't introduce him to Pippa Middleton. That's how world wars start. [Page Six]

Kelsey Grammer, who only plays classy people on television, has gone and gotten himself a tattoo of his new wife's name on his hip. Yup, he marched right into the parlor and said "Yes, I'd like you to please tattoo... oh what's her name... Uh, uh, it's on the tip of my tongue, this is going to bother me all day seriously, umm... Oh right! Kayte. I want a tattoo that says Kayte on my hip." And so he got one, much to the delight of his wife, former stewardess (they met on a plane) Kayte Walsh. How sweet. Meanwhile, Kelsey's ex-wife, Real housewife of Beverly Hills Camille Grammer, has gotten a tattoo of the new joy in her life, a sack with a dollar sign on it. [New York Daily News]

Speaking of romance, it seems that fallen idol Tiki Barber has to postpone his marriage to former NBC intern Traci Lynn Johnson because he's had troubles finalizing his divorce from his wife Ginny, whom he left when she was eight months pregnant with twins. Tiki and Traci were supposed to be married on May 12th at the Hamptons home of the guy who co-owns Tenjune (cool job), but now they've had to push things back until the early summer. So that's too bad. Who would have thought that getting a divorce from the pregnant lady you left for an intern would ever prove complicated? Seemed easy-peasy to me. [Page Six]

It seems that Macaulay Culkin, perhaps best known for his starring role in Getting Even With Dad and for being freakishly skinny recently, was looking a little more healthy and partying it up at Le Poisson Rouge in New York's Greenwich Village over the weekend. He plugged his iPod into the sound system and DJed all night while being approached by a steady phalanx of young women giddy to talk to him. Well, they can't have been that young. Home Alone was a long time ago. There probably aren't that many 21-year-olds gushing about that movie. More like 30-year-olds. Which is young! But not that young. But anyway, that's beside the point. The point is that Macaulay Culkin had a fine night this weekend and did not once get robbed by burglars or killed by bees. So that's a good weekend for Macaulay Culkin. [People]

Rapper/singer/wig model Nicki Minaj has deleted her Twitter account after getting in a spat with some website about leaking some of her music. She typed "Like seriously, its but so much a person can take. Good f*ck*ng bye," and that was it. No more Nicki Tweetz. Are you sad? Do you feel a loss? Or do you still feel the phantom tingling of her Twitter account? It was too beautiful for this world, so we just have to let it go. Be free, Nicki's Twitter account! Fly towards the light! We will miss you! We'll see you someday, on the other side! Once we have grown too old for Twitter and cancel our accounts or something new comes along and we just forget about Twitter and they molder and rot and die like our MySpace accounts! Either way, all Twitter accounts die someday. So so long, but not forever, Nicki Minaj's Twitter account. May angels sing thee (so not Nicki Minaj) to thy rest. [Page Six]

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