Paul Rudd Is Getting Old

Paul Rudd and Leslie Manna are feeling their age, Tina Fey gets a boyfriend, and Jane Fonda returns again.

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The Call Sheet sifts through the day's glut of Hollywood news to find the stories even non-industry types care about. Today: Paul Rudd and Leslie Manna are feeling their age, Tina Fey gets a boyfriend, and Jane Fonda returns again.

Here is a trailer for the sorta sequel to Knocked Up, This Is 40, which deals with Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann's characters from the first film struggling with midlife crises. In this trailer it seems to mostly be Mann who's having the problem, but Rudd's in there too, getting upset with his butt. So, y'know, that's the movie. It's interesting to see a movie about the experience of being middle-aged — The Forty-Year-Old Virgin doesn't really count — getting a big marketing roll out and a plum Christmastime release date and everything considering it's an Apatow picture. And it will be even more interesting to see if it ultimately sells. Also, are the Apatow girls just full-blown actors at this point? Like, do they have agents and get lots of money and stuff? Or is Apatow just working them for free? Whatever's happening, the whole Smith family vibe is a little unsettling. Get your kids outta the limelight, Apatow!

Speaking of funny people (but not Funny People, never Funny People) Tina Fey will be joined in her upcoming movie Admission by, not only Mr. Rudd, but now Michael Sheen, Fey's onetime sorta love interest (they hated each other, but felt they should try anyway) on 30 Rock. He'll play Fey's stuffy British boyfriend while Rudd is a more easygoing old friend from school who comes back into Fey's life. So basically not bad choices for some lowly old college admissions officer. Who's going to play her secretary, Joe Jonas? (Please cast Joe Jonas as her secretary.) [The Hollywood Reporter]

Steve Kloves, who adapted all of the Harry Potter movies, yes all of them, is, instead of taking a break and not working for the rest of his life because holy hell what a job, will be not only writing but also directing a planned live-action version of The Jungle Book. So that won't be a big task at all, developing a beloved children's book that's already been a beloved animated feature into a live action thing and then also directing that live action thing. Jeez, Steve. You're gonna run yourself into the ground. But, oh well, do what you want. And please cast Joe Jonas as Mowgli. [Deadline]

While on the topic of adaptations, Vampire Diaries showrunner/14-year-old at heart Julie Plec has been tapped to write the adaptation of The Tiger's Curse, a young adult book about a teen girl (of course) who takes a job at a zoo only to discover that the white tiger they've got is actually an Indian prince who was turned into a tiger by a curse but becomes human for 24 minutes every day. So it's like Swan Lake except with an Indian tiger. Sounds... I don't know how that sounds, actually. Depends on who plays the prince. Plec has an eye for talent, so who knows. We'd assume an offer has already been put out to Joe Jonas. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Nerds, make thankful sacrifices to your nerd gods! Fox, in its infinite kindness, has decided to renew its multidimensional soap opera Fringe for a fifth and final season. Yes, you'll get 13 more episodes of Pacey and Old Man and the gang as they figure out how to close the hole in the dimensions, all the while hoping that the next leap will be the leap home. That's what that show is about, right? Pretty sure that's what it is. Either that or it involves John Rhys-Davies and San Francisco and Jerry O'Connell? Something like that. Who knows. Anyway, there's gonna be more of it! [Deadline]

And here's a trailer for Georgia Rule 2: This Time It's Hippies, or as it will be known in international releases, Peace Love and Misunderstanding. Catherine Keener plays the buttoned-up daughter of a free-love old lady (Jane Fonda) who heads up to her mom's hippie camp with her two adolescent kids (Elizabeth Olsen and some kid) to sort things out during a divorce. People learn lessons and bonds are strengthened and all that, so it's actually On Golden Commune. Basically Jane Fonda makes the same couple of movies over and over again. But this time she's gone and made one with Chace Crawford! So, y'know, this one's got that goin' for it.

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