Olbermann's Polite Return to the Small Screen

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Keith Olbermann made his triumphant return to broadcast over the weekend, appearing as a well-behaved panelist on ABC This Week Sunday, where he seemed glad to be one of the people commenting on the news instead of one of the parties in the story. This is, of course, the first time he's been on television since he appeared on the Late Show to talk give a rather convoluted analogy about his Current TV firing and how his former network had bought a chandelier without a house to put it in. (Olbermann being the chandelier.)

His This Week appearance stayed within Olbermann's wheelhouse as a commentator, allowing him to weigh in on baseball and the presidential race's "dog wars" instead of his own legal battle with Current (as you'll recall, Olbermann and Current have sued each other over his departure). "It raises the level of absurdity to something exponential," he said of the recent criticism of Barack Obama for having eaten dog meat as a child in Indonesia. "With so many valuable questions going on, we're wasting most of the time dealing with the dogs."

Olbermann didn't yell, didn't fight, and didn't rant. The snarkiest Olbermann got was when he took a dig at New York street food: "After Donna Brazile said that she knows people who can cook dog meat, he jokingly responded, 'If you've ever bought anything on the streets of New York, the odds are pretty good, too.' " Hey, this guy's good! He should get a show of his own. Any takers?

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