Newark Residents Miffed Over Bill from Whitney Houston's Funeral

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Newark residents are being left to pick up the bill for Whitney Houston's funeral, and, surprisingly, they aren't happy about it. The demands of the high-profile funeral attendees have left the city of Newark with a $187,000 bill for police overtime. Police acted as barriers between fans and the proceedings on the day of the funeral of the Newark native who drowned in February. Nearly 200 officers were posted to the New Batist Church on the day of the funeral. The $187,000 bill for police overtime represents 5% of the city's annual police budget. One resident told CBS that if Houston's family wanted the funeral to be as much of a spectacle as it was, then they should have copped the bill. “If they wanted it to go that far, do that much, they should have been the ones providing for it,” the resident said. City councillor Mildred Crump cited the huge crowds that showed up to the church as the reason so much police coverage was needed. “If they had not been there someone may have been trampled, seriously hurt," Crump told CBS.

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