Mika Brzezinski Lets Joe Scarborough Do Her Hair

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Part  of the schtick of MSNBC's Morning Joe -- along with lots of literal coffee references -- is the bristly chemistry between Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough, but in Andrew Goldman's New York Times Magazine's Q&A this week, Brzezinski added a new wrinkle.

I’m surprised that your co-host, Joe Scarborough, is not only here with you now but that he also accompanied you to the photo shoot. 
Here’s the bottom line. And don’t you jump out of your chair. He’s a little bit like a gay stylist.

Joe’s like a gay stylist? 
Seriously. Talk to his wife or any of her friends. He has got a real side to him that knows style and look and color and hair. He’s amazing. Amazing. I can’t dress. I have a terrible eye.

Does Joe style your hair? 
Joe? Touch my hair? No, but he’ll tell me to put it down, because I always want to make it big. [Here, Joe interjects: “It’s not the ’90s anymore!”]

This sort of role-reversal play has become expected between Joe and Mika (after all, it's his name in the title). So hardy har. But it's kind of lame to see the clichéd "gay =  hairstyling" trope trotted out again as part of the act. For the full Q&A, head on over to The New York Times

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