Michael Moore's Radioactive Hat; Bret Easton Ellis Remembers Rielle Hunter

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Welcome to the Smart Set. Every morning, we bring you the gossip coverage, filtered. Today: Bret Easton Ellis hasn't forgotten witnessing a near-threesome with John Edwards mistress Rielle Hunter in the 1980s, Jennifer Aniston would just as soon not talk about Brad Pitt, and Calvin Klein's boyfriend does not attract a media circus en route to rehab.

Ah, memories: on Twitter yesterday, novelist Bret Easton Ellis recalled an incident from "the late-1980s" in which "I almost found myself in a coked-up threesome with Rielle Hunter in my condo on 13th Street in New York." Quite the scallywag, late-1980s Bret Easton Ellis, but it's the truth, honest to Molly Ringwald. The actress, who was very big with the kids and Warren Beatty during the Reagan years, tweeted back at Ellis: "I think I know who the third girl was..." We do too, we think. [Jezebel]

Michael Moore committed a film festival headgear faux pas yesterday when he showed up for a Film Society screening of his 1989 documentary Roger & Me at Lincoln Center wearing a Tribeca Film Festival hat. That simply isn't done, and organizers had to scramble to get Moore a proper hat. For his part, Moore apparently "profusely apologized," per a source. [Page Six]

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It seems Jennifer Aniston does not like it when her friends bring up the subject of her ex-husband getting engaged to Angelina Jolie, the woman Pitt (maybe!) had an affair with when he was still married to Aniston. Why can't Jennifer Aniston just be happy for Brad Pitt and talk about what dress she thinks Angelina is going to wear, like a normal person? A friend of the actress says she "hates it being brought up because she doesn't really care," which is a very Jennifer Aniston attitude to be taking.  [Us Weekly]

You know who's doing alright for himself? Todd Solondz, that's who. The oddball, thickly-spectacled director of such aggressively uncommercial projects as Happiness and the redacted James Van der Beek sex scene from Palindromes is said to be the proud new owner of a $2 million Greenwich Village loft. [The New York Observer]

Nick Gruber, Calvin Klein's much-younger boyfriend who was arrested for possession of cocaine and taking a swing at an intern from Frank Lautenberg's office earlier this week, is apparently going to rehab. A spy saw Gruber exiting his Greenwich Village apartment yesterday “with a wheelie suitcase,” talking about going to rehab. The source adds: “He was talking about how there would probably be photographers outside, and also when he got to rehab. He was talking very fast, and he kept sniffing. But when he walked out of the building, there were no photographers there.” [Page Six]

There were apparently "significant" layoffs at Access Hollywood yesterday, with Sources place the number of employees let go at more than 14, including a few freelance workers." None of the on-air talent got the axe. The show confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that "staffing adjustments" had taken place.[The Hollywood Reporter]

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