'Louie' By Way of 'Manhattan'; Dwyane Wade, Natty Playground Legend

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We realize there's only so much time one can spend in a day watching new trailers, viral video clips, and shaky cell phone footage of people arguing on live television. This is why every day The Atlantic Wire highlights the videos that truly earn your five minutes (or less) of attention. A romanticized Louie teaser, an early Olympic advertising tearjerker, and Dwyane Wade enlivens SoHo playgrounds without removing his suit.

Here's a trailer for the third season of Louie, which looks like that scene in Manhattan where Woody Allen talks about romanticizing New York all out of proportion. So could Louis be finding love, possibly with a teenage Mariel Hemingway type? Hopefully not -- that entire subplot, which was alarming and felonious to begin with since the movie made a big point of noting how Hemingway was only 17, hasn't aged well in the wake of well-documented events. Besides, Louis loves his kids. And ice cream. And pornography. But mainly his kids. The second he meets someone who also loves those things, that's it. Romantic arc over. He's easy.   [via FX]

The 15 minutes Dwyane Wade spent playing pick-up hoops in SoHo before heading off to buy some socks was time well-spent. He enlivened many a child's afternoon and didn't even have to remove his tie with distractingly gigantic knot. That's what heroes do when they're pressed for time. [via The New York Observer]

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The Olympics are in 100 days and the first wave of handsomely produced commercials that pluck at the heartstrings has arrived. Every two years, we learn how to say "Home" or "I love you" or "Call me using AT&T" in various languages and it never fails to make us mist up. Protecter & Gamble has a new two-minute spot about mothers -- nobody in particular, just the general concept of a mom -- that no mother should be allowed to see, ever, because it will make them tear up, then insist they're not tearing up, then admit, fine, they're tearing up, but only because the commercial is so nice. See what you've done, Olympic corporate partners?   [via PRnewser]

Here's a quick clip of John Boehner calling Luke Russert "loudmouth" in an affectionate, "I'm kidding ya, Loudmouth" fashion. Loudmouth! We like that. Of course, we like all nicknames, but that's a good one and Boehner delivers it well. We would have gone with "Pocket T" even though we've never seen Russert wearing one. "Pocket T" or "Willie Geist's friend." [via Buzzfeed]

Here's a supercut of people saying "double oh," a phrasing that a friend recently suggested we stop using when giving out our contact information because "it sounds like you're lording it over them." Which is the truth, but only because we're proud to have a phone number that ends in repeating zeroes, just like a star of stage and screen. Also, we feel that saying "oh oh" offers a greater chance for misheard or miswritten numbers. This is our philosophy. [via Vulture]

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