Katniss Cannot Be Stopped

The Hunger Games rolls for another week, fending off the 90s nostalgia of a young Leo in Titanic 3D and the familiar jokes of American Reunion.

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1. The Hunger Games (Lionsgate): $33.5 million in 4,137 theaters  [Week 3]

Nostalgia for the 1990s couldn't hold Katniss and the rest of the tributes back. For the third straight week The Hunger Games has dominated the box office, bringing in $12 million more than American Reunion, and $15 million more than Titanic 3D. The movie has grossed over $400 million globally, and we're only at week 3. Traditionally a movie like this would be released later in the year, usually during the summer. Lionsgate hit a home run by releasing its surefire box-office crusher in the middle of the slow post-Oscar stretch, instead of putting it up against other big summer franchises like Spider-man or The Avengers. This money train isn't coming to station anytime soon.

2. American Reunion (Universal): $21.5 million in 3,192 theaters

Sandwiched in between two movies about love and (a whole bunch of) death there's American Reunion, a movie about a bunch of guys who threw a party ten years ago. Familiar jokes are usually draws at the box office, just ask the guys from The Hangover 2. This is no exception. While you're watching, try and guess which character is now a waiter at a sushi restaurant.

3. Titanic 3D (Paramount): $17.4 million in 2,674 theaters

We had some complicated feelings about this one. The movie did gangbuster numbers when it first came out, and the legendary double-VHS tape rests in more homes than Kinkade prints, but not even inflated 3D ticket prices could get this into the top spot. It only took $18 million to make, so everything's gravy from here on out.

4. Wrath of the Titans (WB): $15 million in 3,545 theaters [Week 2]

The Sam Worthington franchise dropped fifty percent domestically in week 2, but according to Deadline it's doing really well overseas. Apparently other countries like big, dumb, loud spectacles starring a guy who can barely act his way out of bed in the morning. It's amazing we don't always get along internationally.

5. Mirror Mirror (Relativity): $8 million in 3,264 theaters [Week 2]

I feel bad for Julia Roberts.

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