Kate Thinks Leo Is Fat

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Welcome to the Smart Set. Every morning we bring you the gossip coverage, filtered. Today: Kate Winslet analyzes Leonardo DiCaprio's looks, Bruce Willis is a dad again, and the Spice Girls musical is in trouble.

Hush the Fat Betty talk for a minute so we can talk about another big ol' fatty: Leonardo DiCaprio. Well, OK, you might not think he's fat, but his Titanic costar Kate Winslet does. While doing press for the Titanic 3D release, which is the same movie from 1997 except that the characters and their motivations are now three dimensional (har har, Titanic is cheesy, good 1997 joke), Winslet has said that, yup, she and her costar look different than they used to: "We do look very different, we’re older. Leo’s 37, I’m 36 – we were 21 and 22 when we made that film. You know, he’s fatter now – I’m thinner." Ohhhh BURRNNNNN. Ya burnt, Leo. Kate Winslet, goddess of acting, just called you fat. She was probably employing some of that genial British bluntness and didn't actually mean anything negative by it, but it's fun to think of Leo reading that somewhere and sulking for the rest of the day, standing in front of the mirror and sucking in his stomach, whatever model of the week he's got shacking up with him lazily smoking a cigarette on the bed and saying in halting, accented English "You are my cute little pudgy dough man." Poor Leo. Meanwhile, in other James Cameron movie news, Linda Hamilton remains mum about Edward Furlong. [Daily Express]

Oh no. It seems that Viva Forever, a musical "inspired by the tunes of the Spice Girls," is in some trouble. Yup. Obviously the creative material is amazing, there could be no imaginable problem with that, what could possibly be fundamentally bad or incorrect about a musical based on Spice Girls songs, it's just that the old band members keep squabbling with each other or not helping. They're not in the show, of course, but they're supposed to be giving the musical's book writer, Ab Fab's Jennifer Saunders, feedback and suggestions and the like. Trouble is, Sporty and Scary keep disagreeing about stuff (Clash of the Mels!) and obvs Posh is too busy frowning into cameras to do much of anything, and Baby Spice keeps crying and crying and no one knows why, they changed her and burped her and put her in the Bouncy Buster™ bassinet and everything. This thing is just fraught with conflict. And, of course, Ginger Spice was captured by Portuguese spice traders three years ago and no one's heard from her since. [Page Six]

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Morning show madness! There was a much-touted (the word "legend" was used) special guest on The Today Show this morning, leading some to wildly speculate about who it might be, and it turns out that it was just Meredith Vieira, who's been off the show like barely any time at all. Ho hum. She was just stopping by to say that she's going to be doing some Olympics coverage with NBC this summer, so... That was a little oversold, huh? Coulda toned it down, NBC. Honestly. Meanwhile, former Today Show perk-queen Katie Couric has begun a week-long guest host stint on former rival Good Morning America, which is kinda fun. And, of course, CBS This Morning is still missing and presumed dead. [Us Weekly]

FX had its big upfronts announcement last week, and apparently two of the network's new stars, Charlie Sheen and Russell Brand, were kept a safe distance from one another and were not seen speaking. Not that they have any known feud or anything, just that they're both sorta drugs monsters who are trying to stay on the straight and narrow (Brand far more successfully than Sheen, it would seem) and to put them too close together might be like throwing gremlins in water or feeding them after midnight. So why chance it? Keep 'em away from each other. It's best for everyone. Of course it means you have to come up with a whole elaborate scheme where you hold two company holiday parties in December and invite one guy to one of them and the other to the other, but it'll be worth it in the end. Trust us. [Page Six]

Move over Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah. Bruce Willis has a new baby girl, with wife Emma Heming, just born yesterday. Her name, you wonder? Is it Chloemy or Biome or Fence or Dermis or something? Well, no. It's Mabel. Yup. Sure it's a little silly and a bit old-timey trendy, but mostly it's just old-timey. It's just Mabel. As in "I says to Mabel I says..." As in small town diners and whistle stop cafes and all that. Mabel. It's not as offensive as if they'd named the kid Jane or something, but Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah must be a little "WTF?" Especially Scout. Don't you think Scout is, oddly, the worst one? Rumer is pretty bad, and Tallulah is ridiculous, but Scout is at best a boy dog's name. Mabel must burn her a bit, we'd guess. [Us Weekly]

Actress Lake Bell is engaged to a tattoo artist she met on the set of HBO's recently canceled How to Make It in America, meaning that at long last the world has found the one positive thing to come out of that show. We thought it might be you, Rasta Monsta/Crisp analysis, but this is it. This is the one. Well done, you two! [New York Daily News]

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