Jennifer Aniston's Greek Wedding; Mario Batali's Scooter Mishap

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Welcome to the Smart Set. Every morning we bring you the gossip coverage, filtered. Today: Jennifer Aniston is apparently planning a July wedding in Crete, someone or some car wrecked Mario Batali's Vespa, and Carey Mulligan ties the knot.

Sources say Jennifer Aniston recently went on a nuptials-scouting trip to Crete, where her father was born. Apparently she mentioned something about a "July wedding," possibly to widow-peaked boyfriend Justin Theroux. If the wedding goes through, it will mean an end to all those jokes about Aniston seeming sad and lonely, unless she continues to seem sad and lonely. [TMZ]

Prince Harry and and pop singer Mollie King still are dating, despite playing the "good friends" card: they've just agreed to do it (date, that is) in secret. Shrewd, guys. Apparently Harry noted the media attention paid to his brother and Kate Middleton, learned from it, and now will "will only meet up [with King] behind closed doors for secret dates." It's like a Charlie Rich song, but with members of the royal family and their new girlfriends. [The Daily Mail]

What is it about this time of year (late-April) that brings out the Sean Penn romance stories: last year, it was how he and Scarlett Johansson were necking at the White House Correspondents' Association dinner. Now, it seems that model Petra Nemcova (she was on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2003) he split with her fiance in order to rekindle things with Penn, who she was rumored to be seeing back in 2008 after his split from Robin Wright. At the time, Penn said they were "just friends" but they looked like more than friends in New York last weekend, when Nemcova was spotted "canoodling with Penn at Lexington Bar and Book... and later leaving with the hot-headed actor." Which as we learned from Lana Del Rey and Axl Rose, could mean nothing, nothing at all. Or it could mean something. You never know.  [Page Six]

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Somebody has wrecked Mario Batali's Vespa. Was it you? Was it? If it was, you probably know all this, but: Batali emerged from the ABC studio where he films The Chew last week to discover that his Vespa GT 250 had been 'wrecked." According to a source, Batali parked the little scooter on the street near Lincoln Center and it looked like someone had bumped into it. Batali, the source says, "didn’t look at all pleased, [and] cops were called to file a police report."  [Page Six]

Sean Combs was spotted in Los Angeles last week having lunch with Hangover director Todd Phillips. Cue the inevitable speculation that Didy will be playing of the delightful mental patients who helps the boys escape in The Hangover III. A rep says Diddy is in Los Angeles "aggressively working on his film career." [Page Six]

This is fun: Josh Hutcherson, the boy from the movie all the gals like, The Hunger Games, named his dog Driver after Ryan Gosling's character from the movie all the fellas liked. One of us! One of us! [New York Daily News]

Carey Mulligan -- née Ms. Dour Movie Ruiner -- is now Ms. Dour Movie Ruiner-Mumford following her Saturday marriage to singer Marcus Mumford. "Celeb pals" in attendance included Jake Gyllenhaal and professional celeb pal Sienna Miller. [US Weekly]

Today marks Robin Roberts' 10th anniversary on Good Morning America. Time flies when you're in second place. (Kidding!) [Playbook]

Say this for Eric Cantor: the man is unafraid of the optics of flying first class. On a Delta flight from Atlanta to Washington last week, the Majority Leader was spotted sitting up front in business class, with all the legroom. Democratic Rep. John Lewis was also on the flight, seated back in the coach. [In the Loop]

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