James Cameron Has Water on the Brain

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Fresh from his trip to the bottom of the ocean, James Cameron gets The New York Times Magazine Q&A treatment this week, and when reaching for metaphors he, unsurprisingly, sounds pretty nautical. Responding to interviewer Andrew Goldman's assertions that he's hot-headed on set, he replied:

What do you say after you come back from a white-water rafting trip? That it was all handled so beautifully? No! You come back and say, “Yeah, the raft flipped over, and I almost got killed.”

And on President Obama, he notes:

I think we all feel a sense of disappointment in Obama that promises were not kept. But I also think that he’s been handed the tiller just as the ship went into the rapids.

Sounds like he's been submerged(!) in production for Titanic 3D. Still, we'd rank this as an overall less turbulent interview than last week's with Sandra Lee. It's certainly worth ... wading into. (Okay, okay, we'll stop.)

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