'The Five-Year Engagement' Flops, Proves Apatow Is Human

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Welcome to the Box Office Report: your source for dorky movie commentary and dad jokes. Inside: Think Like a Man wins a weak weekend, and Judd Apatow bleeds for the first time in the box office. 

1. Think Like A Man (Screen Gems): $18 million in 2,015 theaters [Week 2]

Think Like A Man out hustled its chief competition for couples' attention, The Five Year Engagement, to post a modest $18 million second week. Overall totals were down this week as anticipation for The Avengers is starting to boil over. The weekend was down 30 percent in comparison to last year. While the Marvel blockbuster doesn't debut in North America until Thursday, it hit theatres overseas and took in $178 million. It will likely hit $200 million before it even airs in a theatre state side.

2. The Pirates! Band of Misfits (Sony): $11.4 million in 3,358 theaters

The Pirates! comes from the same company responsible for Chicken Run, the underrated Flushed Away, and the beloved Wallace & Gromit shorts. While this wasn't expected to be the best Aardman Animations weekend debut ever, it's benefitting from being one of the only movies to take a kid to a matinee too right now. 

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3. The Lucky One (WB): $11.3 million in 3,175 theaters [Week 2]

Zac Efron is still dreamy and teenage girls still like to cry. Thankfully, that recipe was enough to keep this movie in second place. 

4. The Hunger Games (Lionsgate): $11.25 million in 3,572 theaters  [Week 6]

Katniss and crew are creeping closer and closer to topping the $375 million mark. Plus, they're on track to gross more than the last Harry Potter movie for the first time. Consistency is everything.

After finally checking out The Hunger Games, we can definitively say that Gale is way dreamier than Peta. What kind of name is Peta, anyway? He works in a bakery! Maybe his sister's name is Twelve Grain. We'll be here all weekend. You should try the veal. 

5. The Five-Year Engagement (Universal): $11.2 million in 2,936 theaters 

This Jason Segel/Emily Blunt flick from the Judd Apatow school of comedy is being seen as a huge box office failure. It can't even touch Bridesmaids or the Segel-starring Forgetting Sarah Marshall's opening weekends. This is the first time that Apatow has really faced any sort of disappointment at the box office. Even Funny People, Apatow's first minor slip up, topped the box office when it debuted. Segel's been a reliable moneymaker, too. Thank god the movie was cheap, or they might have kept it in theatres for five years to make their money back. Seriously, the veal is delicious. 

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