Everyone's Leaving 'Glee'

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It's the middle of April now and graduation season is fast approaching. For Glee that means potentially saying goodbye to many of its main characters. Finn, Mercedes, Santana, Puck, Mike, Kurt, Quinn, Rachel, and Brittany are all seniors, so they've all got to figure out what the heck to do once high school ends. Or rather, the show needs to.

Last night's episode, which was nonsensically built around the music from Saturday Night Fever (did they run out of money for current pop songs?), dealt with a bunch of the kids' futures, so it looks as though at least some of them really will be departing for greener (one has to assume) pastures. Santana's going to some sort of cheerleading college in Kentucky (sure), Puck and Mercedes are heading to Los Angeles, Finn has finally decided to follow Rachel to New York City, and Quinn died. Haha, no just kidding, she did not die. She's off recovering from her car oopsy and it still going to Yale.

Obviously the big question is who, Kurt or Rachel or both, will get into NYADA (fake drama school in New York), which will be determined in the coming weeks with Whoopi Goldberg stopping by as an admissions person from the school. Despite who gets in and who doesn't, it seems that both Kurt and Rachel are planning on going to New York, so... maybe Glee is really doing it? Clearing the decks, pressing the reset button, bringing in a whole new gang. Sure there will still be some stragglers once the main crew leaves, but Tina and Artie and Chord "Hot Lips" Overstreet do not a full cast make. They'll need to infuse a lot of new people into the show to make up for this mass exodus, which could be very interesting to watch. For an episode or two, anyway.

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Or, y'know, they could do some sort of "I decided to stay!" copout and keep the original kids around for another awkward season or two. Show creator Ryan Murphy has promised that he will actually let the kids graduate and, in theory, leave, but we're just not sure the powers that be are going to let most of the popular characters from a lucrative show leave after three seasons. It seems like bad business. But, so far, everyone does indeed seem to be heading out the door. Rather brave, Glee!

We honestly are looking forward to a whole new cast — half the fun of the early episodes of the show was discovering a bunch of previously unheard voices, and all these kids have gotten stale. Sure many will groan about the ruination of Glee, but c'mon. It's been ruined since like the end of the first season. As he's doing with American Horror Story, let's just let Ryan Murphy sweep everything off the Glee table and start from essentially scratch. They've got nothing to lose and, possibly, something to gain.

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