Courtney Love Says Dave Grohl Has Busy Hands; Huntsman's Debts

Courtney Love weighs in with an unlikely seeming accusation about Dave Grohl, Lindsay Lohan may not have been watching Homeland and not fighting last week, and Jon Huntsman isn't cutting enough checks.

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Welcome to the Smart Set. Every morning we bring you the gossip coverage, filtered. Today: Courtney Love weighs in with an unlikely seeming accusation about Dave Grohl, Lindsay Lohan may not have been watching Homeland and not fighting last week, and Jon Huntsman isn't cutting enough checks.

Courtney Love -- who has a reputation for saying weird and provocative things that aren't necessarily true -- accused the former Nirvana drummer and current Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl of hitting on her daughter, Frances Bean Cobain. Love made the accusation in a series of since-deleted tweets from her private Twitter account. In typical Love fashion, the details are vague, with dollops of specificity added for flavor. She says she learned about the alleged pass secondhand, from both an "old friend" and Francis' roommate. And while she notes Grohl put "his hands all over" the now 19-year-old Frances Bean, she doesn't specify when or where it happened. Grohl, who is married and generally considered to be a stand-up fellow, quickly responded with a statement calling the accusation "upsetting, offensive and absolutely untrue” and "another hateful Twitter rant" from the widow of his former Nirvana bandmate. Love, for her part, tells The New York Daily News she is "certainly not going to retract anything," adding that Grohl "used to consistently hit on me back in the day" and "slept with three of my bassists." [Gatecrasher]

Remember the fight Lindsay Lohan denied being in last week, because she was at home catching up on Homeland? Well, an unnamed Standard Hotel employee says he saw her at Smoke and Mirrors, the Standard's nightclub, with Marisa Dugas, who has since filed an incident report with the L.A. County Sheriff's Department. According to the man's version of events, Dugas approached a table where Lohan was sitting with some male friends and tried talking to one, at which point people started throwing ice at her. He says Lohan was part of a subsequent scuffle that broke out, which he claims to have helped break up, only adult in the room-style. Once things cooled down, he says Dugas was "escorted out of the club, where she cried hysterically and then said Lindsay hurt her, but... refused medical attention."    [TMZ]

Noted goat attack victim Jon Huntsman apparently hasn't paid some of the fancy Washington consultants who worked on his campaign. According to one Republican close to Huntsman, "lots of threats" have already been made regarding possible lawsuits. Because Huntsman is very rich, the Republican speculates Huntsman and his remaining advisers believe the campaign was overbilled by vendors who assumed Huntsman would be investing more of his own fortune in the campaign. Among the campaign's notable outstanding debts: "a $2,695 debt to the state of New Jersey’s unpaid fee for the use of Liberty State Park for his campaign launch, which Huntsman never paid."  [Politico]

There's now video of Gerard Butler binging on cover songs last week at The Darby supper club in Manhattan. He looks so happy! Nobody tell him "Wonderwall" has been fairly well-covered. He's only been out of rehab for two months, he doesn't need us tearing down his new after-hours hobby.  [TMZ]

It seems DreamWorks Animation boss Jeffrey Katzenberg had to take a sizable haircut last year: along with his $1 salary, he received a stock award of nearly $4 million in 2012. Not bad, but it's "down from a total compensation of $6.7 million in 2010 and $23 million in stock options and awards he received in 2009." So he'll be OK, but that $1 salary is a tad less honorary than it used to be. [Company Town]

Axl Rose announced he's turning down America's highest honor, a place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. [Pop & Hiss]

Prince Harry is said to be "head over heels" and "completely smitten" with Mollie King, the British singer he just started taking out, like people do. Good for him! You root for a guy like that to have a girl who makes him laugh. We realize rooting for a handsome prince to meet a nice lady he likes is not strictly necessary: but we do. We just like him. [The Daily Express]

Veteran foreign policy writer Laura Rozen has apparently left Yahoo News. Her byline popped up yesterday on a story about Iran's nuclear program for Tablet, but it's unclear if that's her new permanent home. For now, Dylan Stableford is writing her blog Today The Envoy. [Fishbowl DC]

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