Colton Dixon: 'A Cocktail of Formaldehyde Mixed with PedEgg Shavings'

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Clearly, we've found someone who didn't vote for American Idol's Colton Dixon last night. We can't tell whether it's the disturbing mental image of PedEgg shavings, or the idea of what a Coltontini might taste like, or what it was that grabbed us about this comment, but it did. So props go out to commenter and American Idol fan Jeffrey Christian for his very, umm, descriptive take on the fallen Idol:

Watching Colton (AKA Jesus Leghorn) singing Gaga was like swallowing a cocktail of formaldehyde mixed with PedEgg shavings.I for one am thrilled that this earworm is gone. Now he can slip into obscurity. Or get a record deal with Sparrow Records.

Shaken? Stirred? Coltontinis for EVERYONE!

Full Disclosure: Though The Atlantic Wire staff was sort of disgusted at the thought of this repugnant cocktail, it is Friday and it will take more than this to stop certain writers from heading to their favorite watering holes.

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