CNBC's Andrew Ross Sorkin Problem; Lindsay Lohan Is a Sport

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Welcome to the Smart Set. Every morning we bring you the gossip coverage, filtered. Today: Lindsay Lohan was a valuable photo-taking asset at the White House Correspondents' dinner, CNBC is worried about the state of Squawk Box and Closing Bell, and Questlove's baby gift to Jay-Z and Beyoncé comes up short.

Lindsay Lohan was a very good sport at the White House Correspondents' Association dinner. In addition to serving as the punchline for Jimmy Kimmel's best joke, sources say she was also kind enough to snap a picture of Rick Santorum and Greta Van Sustern using the former presidential candidate's camera. She also apparently "smiled and obliged" when Santorum "asked to take a photo of Lindsay using his camera." Lohan apparently "smiled and obliged and Santorum then went on his way." Santorum, for his part, denied snapping a solo shot of Lohan. [TMZ]

CNBC executives are said to be "freaking out" over declining ratings for the network's signature shows, Squawk Box and Closing Bell. Sources say the network is particularly vexed about what to do with Andrew Ross Sorkin, who started as a regular on Squawk Box last July. "There’s a lot of talk that Andrew is not bringing them what they thought he was going to bring them: ratings and buzz," a source says. "He’s not bringing them scoops.” The source says CNBC is currently "up in the air about what to do with Sorkin,” but adds that the network powers-that-be are "coming to the conclusion that he makes a better guest than host.” [Gatecrasher]

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It seems that Questlove's baby gift to Jay-Z and Beyoncé was going to be "a specially curated iPod of 12,000 songs," but he ended up coming up a tad short and only putting "like 4,000 songs on it," The Roots drummer admitted over the weekend. "Ironically, I only got to the letter J."  [Gatecrasher]

Prince William and Kate Middleton were considerate enough to celebrate their first wedding anniversary over the weekend in "low-key" fashion. On Saturday, they attended a friend's wedding in Suffolk, but returned home that night.. A source says that the couple marked their official anniversary yesterday with "a low-key night in their cottage" in Anglesey. [E! Online]

Patrick Dempsey apparently pulled a Werner Herzog and rescued a motorist from an overturned vehicle last week. The driver was a non-famous 17-year-old, not Joaquin Phoenix, but kudos to Dempsey nonetheless. [People]

Oh, dear: apparently Jill Zarin was "overheard whining" about how her former Real Housewives of New York City co-star Kelly Bensimon has had posher locations for her book parties than Zarin did when her tome, Confessions of a Jewish Mother, came out in 2010. Zarin made the comment at a promotional event for Bensimon’s book, It Can Make You Hot: The Supermodel Diet, at Asellina in the Gansevoort Park Hotel. A source says, "People were looking at Jill and were embarrassed for her.” Embarrassing! [Page Six]

Katy Perry sold her 1,500-square-foot Tribeca duplex for "near" her asking price of $2.75 million. That's what she paid for the property 18 months ago. So all's well that ends well. [Page Six]

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