'Camille Paglia Better Watch Out, Katie Roiphe is Coming...'

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The freakout over a Tina Brown Newsweek cover story is basically becoming a cliché at this point, but the addition of Slate's contrarian-at-large Katie Roiphe made this week's troll-bait all but irresistible.

Atlantic Wire commenter jay_see_are wrote: "Camille Paglia better watch out, Katie Roiphe is coming at the troll queen and she will not miss." Paglia, of course, is the '90s-era author of many-a-conversation-starters who seems to have largely disappeared since 2009, though she did make a brief return to Salon last fall. With Paglia gone silent, jay_see_are seems to be suggesting that it's time for a new troll queen.

Katie, we must warn you: That crown strikes a tricky balance. Lean too far to the serious, and it'll fall on your foot. Lean too far back to the humorous and you might be topple over onto your face. Which is a nice way of saying that everybody will make fun of you, like they're doing over this week's spanking story.

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