Battle of the Brackets: Our Champion Is Fug

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They've done it. Say hello to the inaugural Atlantic Wire Bracket of Brackets Champion, Go Fug Yourself's Fug Madness. Around two weeks ago, we started with 16 glittering, shiny new brackets, and over the days, we have (or actually you have) whittled them down one by one. With Fug Madness's convincing win over Muppet Madness, they've secured their place in Atlantic Wire bracket history and are now the first-ever champion of the first-ever Atlantic Wire Battle of the Brackets. 

Here's How Fug Madness Did It:

Sweet Sixteen: d. (6) Garden and Gun Southern Food  (60 percent)

Elite Eight: d. (2) Vulture's Drama Derby  (98 percent)

Final Four: d. (1) Jezebel's Sex vs. Chocolate (88 percent)

Championship: d (5) Muppet Madness (84 percent)

Yes, it's been a Fug domination. As you can see in the first round, Garden and Gun put up the most resistance against the power of Fug. The twenty-percent difference between Garden and Gun and Fug Madness was the closest anyone would get to the Fug Girls this year.  And throughout the four rounds, Fug Madness garnered over 5,000 votes--their matchups in each round would bring out the most voters. The final, even with a valiant effort from Muppet Madness was just another testament to the Fug Frenzy with 1671 voters voting for a Fug win.

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And Now?

Though our bracket of brackets has concluded, Fug Madness still hasn't crowned its champion. They've narrowed the competition down to two, and we totally picked one of the finalists. Last month we had highlighted our Cinderella of the tournament--going with the troubled (professionally and sartorially) Lindsay Lohan. And today she's one match against and a plethora of bad Vanessa Hudgens fashion choices away from hoisting the crown. 

That said, Congratulations Fug Girls and thanks to all the brackets (and voters) for making our bracket of brackets happen. As their prize, the Fug Girls will now go on a victory tour paid for by the Capitol where they will try to play up their romance with Peeta while trying to quell the fires of rebellion that have begun in the other districts because of the ... wait. That doesn't sound right.

Where were we? Ahh, yes. Congratulations, Fug Girls, our 2012 and inaugural Atlantic Wire Battle of the Brackets Champion. We'll see you next March right?

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