Adrian Grenier Skipped His Coop Shift; The 'SNL' Departures Pushback

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Welcome to the Smart Set. Every morning we bring you the gossip coverage, filtered. Today: Three big names are reportedly departing SNL, Adrian Grenier has been banned from the Park Slope Food Coop, and Oprah just gives away her sweaty shoes, like that.

A spokeswoman for Kristen Wiig and Jason Sudeikis is denying the Us Weekly report that the two actor won't be returning to Saturday Night Live next season. Strongly denying. Says the spokeswoman: "Kristen and Jason are so dedicated to 'SNL' and (executive producer) Lorne Michaels that it's really sad people feel the need to try and make it negative. Whether they are on the show a little or a lot --it has nothing to do with their film careers, it's the nature of a live sketch show." Yeah, so stop questioning their commitment to Lorne Michaels. Somewhat notably, a spokesman for Andy Samberg -- who Us sources also claimed would be moving on -- declined to comment on the report. [Gatecrasher]

It seems Adrian Grenier -- you know, from Entourage -- has been booted from the Park Slope Food Co-op. According to The Daily, he failed to work one of his required shifts. In other words, he pulled a Gyllenhaal. [The Daily]

Speaking of Gyllenhaals: noted movie serial-killer Jake Gyllenhaal has taken to riding on the instructor's bike during spin classes at SoulCycle in New York. Where do these Gyllenhaals get off, with the shift-shirking and the instructor bike-riding? Source Code wasn't that good. [Page Six]

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Oprah, from TV, pulled a pair of $800 Christian Louboutin shoes off her sweaty, constricted feet Monday at Radio City Music Hall and gave them to "a random woman" in the audience. (Apparently the shoes were too tight.) She then continued on with the lecture -- barefoot! -- "until a stagehand delivered a more comfortable pair." Stars: just like us. [Gatecrasher]

A man suffered a "minor arm injury" Tuesday after being struck by debris that fell from David Schwimmer's East Village townhouse, which is currently undergoing construction. That's bad news for Schwimmer, from a neighborly relations standpoint, because nobody wanted him to raze the house in the first place, because it was about to be designated an historical landmark. When asked about the debris-falling unpleasantness, a 62-year-old neighbor, identified only as Charlotte, said: "Mr. Bigshot made a mistake tearing down this building. He paid a pretty penny and built some shiny silver thing. He's like a wart on the block. He doesn't belong here." Between this and Vanity Fair's oral history of Friends, people are really remembering why they didn't like Ross this week. [DNA Info]

British hunk emeritus Jude Law somehow -- somehow! -- managed to avoid a "model mosh pit" at the Double Seven in New York Monday night, retreating to a table with Amy Sacco (!!). It's possible that the "20 leggy models" didn't see Law or that they did see him, and simply realized it hasn't been 2003 for quite some time. [Page Six]

Former RNC chairman Ed Gillespie is joining Mitt Romney's campaign, where he'll serve as a "strategist without portfolio." Well, not totally without portfolio: part of his duties, per Jonathan Martin, will include "offering counsel on planning for the Tampa convention, the candidate’s message and a general election strategy for a campaign that is already moving beyond the primary." [Playbook]

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