Your Tebow Jets Jersey Is Hot; Unretirement Suits Bill Parcells

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Today in sports: Reebok can't sell those Tim Tebow Jets jerseys, Bill Parcells is increasingly intrigued by the prospect of coaching the New Orleans Saints, and a French-speaking head rolls in Montreal.

Nike has received a temporary injunction blocking sales of those Tim Tebow jerseys produced by Reebok. U.S. District Judge Kevin Caste ordered Reebok to recall all its hastily produced Tebow paraphernalia and scheduled a hearing for April 4 that seems hugely pointless, since Nike takes over as the league's official apparel supplier on April 1. [Bloomberg]

Bill Parcells still hasn't decided if he'll undertake the grand, stomach-churning adventure of coaching the New Orleans Saints for the next 10 months, but the oddsmakers at the online sportsbook Brovada like his chances. They've apparently put the odds of Parcells being the next Saints coach at 5-to-7. And Parcells is doing his part to fuel the comeback talk by telling ESPN's Chris Mortensen what a dear, dear, dear friend Sean Payton is and how he'd be a "hypocrite" if he didn't come in and clean up his mess. In other words, the Bill Parcells unretiring gears are once again turning. [ESPN]

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The Montreal Canadiens have fired general manager and francophone Pierre Gauthier, who earlier this season gave a groveling apology after firing head coach Jacques Martin and replacing him on an interim basis with non-francophone Randy Cunneyworth. Separatist outrage ensued, boycotts were threatened, and owner Geoff Molson promised the club's next full-time coach would be someone who can "express himself in both French and English." Meanwhile, Cunneyworth remains, for at least five more games, while his French-speaking boss is out of a job. Is there a French idiom equivalent to "How do you like them apples, Pierre Gauthier?" [Ottawa Citizen]

In a fair world, the next edition of Scenes for Young Actors will include the delightful and weird exchange San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh had with Boston Herald NFL reporter Ian Rapoport on the subject of Randy Moss, the mercurial 35-year-old wide receiver Harbaugh signed earlier this month after throwing a football around with him for 15 minutes. At the NFL Annual Meetings in Palm Beach, Rapoport bumped into Harbaugh at breakfast and asked him about the signing. Here's his account of their conversation:

Rapoport: What kind of research did you do before bringing in Moss?
Harbaugh: “Research?”

Rapoport: Yeah. He’s a complicated guy.

Harbaugh: (Genuinely curious) “Really? What do you know?”

Rapoport: (Having covered him for three years) Uh, well, he’s just complicated.
Harbaugh: (slowly smiling) “Some people would say you’re a complicated guy. Some people would say I’m a complicated guy. Really, I was around him one day.”

Rapoport: Did you reach out to any coach such as Bill Belichick or Denny Green?

Harbaugh: “Yes. (Pause) None of the two you just mentioned. (Pause) But yes.”

Rapoport: Ok…. So… what did they say?
Harbaugh: “I’m not going to play point-counterpoint with you.”

Just delightful on all counts. And a good reminder never, ever to play point-counterpoint with Jim Harbaugh. [Boston Herald]

What does the sale of the Los Angeles Dodgers for $2 billion mean for owners of other big-market clubs. Lots more money, should they ever decide to sell, says Marc Ganis, the president of  sports marketing firm called SportsCorp. “Let me tell you," Ganis says, "if the Dodgers are worth $2 billion, the Yankees are worth $3.5 to $4 billion. The Red Sox are worth $2.5 billion. And the Mets go from being worth, say, in the low $1 [billion]s to the mid- to high-$1 [billion]s.” [ESPN New York]

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