Women Be Watchin' Downton Abbey'

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PBS has released ratings information for the most recent season of hit show Downton Abbey, the British import about post-Edwardian servants and masters swanning about a country estate, and, unsurprisingly, it's a big ol' hit with women.

While, yes, men do watch the show, the audience gains from season one to season two (which wrapped up its run last month) were fairly astronomical with women. The Los Angeles Times breaks it down:

Downton at least doubled PBS' typical prime-time average in all the important demographics, but among women 35 to 49, it was up 370 percent. For men in the same age group, the viewing was roughly doubled.

Actually, that's still a pretty big amount of men! Let's just say that, in general, lots of people (relatively speaking, anyway) watch Downton Abbey. It's just a popular show. It averaged 7 million viewers last season! That's more than 30 Rock and many other major network series. So women, men, other, whatever: They're all watching the Crawleys (and everyone else). Men want to be with Maggie Smith, women want to be her. She's basically the female Tom Cruise. With a corset.

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