Uggie to Attend Correspondents' Dinner; Obama and Bloomberg Do Lunch

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Welcome to the Smart Set. Every morning we bring you the gossip coverage, filtered. Today: The Artist's canine co-star will be attending next month's White House Correspondent's Dinner as a guest of the Washington Times, Woody Allen next movie might be set in Copenhagen, and Ruth Madoff is back in the tristate area.

The first big celebrity get for this year's White House Correspondents' Dinner is Uggie, the dog from The Artist,  who will be attending the April 28 event as a guest of the Washington Times. Times editor Ed Kelley confirmed the recently retired canine performer has accepted the paper's invitation to attend the event as their guest, and that his plus-one will be trainer Omar van Mullen.   [Page Six]

Aides to Barack Obama and Michael Bloomberg confirmed the two politicians met for a previously unreported "long private lunch" at the White House within the last few weeks. What did they talk about? Usual politico stuff: education, immigration, the mounting federal deficit. The president also is said to have asked the New York mayor what he's interested in doing once he leaves office -- like, say, an ambassadorship, or serving in Barack Obama's cabinet. It's unknown what Bloomberg's response was, because that would just kill the suspense.  [The New York Times]

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It seems Woody Allen is interested in making his seventh European Woody Allen Movie -- after Match Point, You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger, Cassandra's Dream, Midnight in Paris, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, and the upcoming Nero Fiddled -- in Copenhagen. Copenhagen! Reportedly, Allen's sister/producer Letty Aronson is already in talks with Danish producer Per Holst about filming the director's untitled screenplay in the Danish capital sometime during 2013. In addition to subsidies from an upstart Copenhagen film fund,  "significant Danish government backing of the film" will also apparently be essential if Denmark wants to persuade Allen to shoot there, and not in one of Europe's many other countries.   [The Hollywood Reporter]

Ruth Madoff confirms she has ditched Boca Raton --where she was reportedly living in her older sister Joan's condo -- and relocated to Old Greenwich, where she's living in a house "provided by" her son Andrew. She confirmed the move to The New York Daily News, adding that she also hasn't spoken to her incarcerated husband in close to six months.   [Gatecrasher]

Mauricio Camelro, the cousin of George Soros' Brazilian soap star ex Adrianna Ferreyr, says the billionaire offered him $250,000 to persuade his cousin to drop her $50 million lawsuit against him. Carneiro is characterizing the offer -- which he says Soros in a phone conversation -- as a bribe, which Soros lawyer William Zabel denies, though he does confirm his client talked to Carneiro, but only because "because [Carneiro] is a lawyer and a relative and he hoped to settle the case before it went to court." [New York Daily News]

Oliver Martinez has confirmed he's engaged to Halle Berry. "Of course it's true," Martinez told the Miami Herald over the weekend when asked to confirm the engagement, which seems like an swfully huffy response considering both parties have been mum on the engagement rumors for the past two months.  [People]

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