Louis C.K. Bails on Radio and Television Correspondents Dinner

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Less than 24 hours after Fox News's Greta Van Susteren wrote a grumpy blog post refusing to go to the Radio and Television Correspondents on account of it's "pig" of a host, the "pig" in question, Louis C.K. decided he wasn't going either.

In short, Louis C.K. tells dirty jokes, some of them involve women and so he is a pig. It sounds like C.K. didn't appreciate Van Susteren's snub. According to CNN's Peter Hamby, the actor and comedian's agent said that he "just didn't want to do it anymore."

This has left Van Susteren feeling pretty triumphant. "GOOD NEWS: LOUIS C.K. is OUT," she tweeted late Friday afternoon (caps hers). We hope she has a great time at the event. And we definitely wish Greta luck mingling with all of her colleagues who were really excited about Louis C.K.'s appearance -- not to mention the hundreds of thousands of people who were looking forward to catching the routine on YouTube the next day. No word on C.K.'s replacement, but if he or she has to pass the taste test with everyone attending, expect a pretty bland host.

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