A Strong Front of Tim Tebow Schadenfreude Has Moved In

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The big sports news today is supposed be that Peyton Manning has signed with the Denver Broncos. But the only thing people seem to care about is how it'll affect Tim Tebow, Broncos current polarizing quarterback. It's perhaps a testament to how much the Tebow brand has transcended football, that he's has the top three trending spots on Twitter and Manning is nowhere to be found.

Tebow's made a name for himself attributing his wins and game-winning plays to God's grace and has fittingly been made fun of his assumption that his omnipotent God is a football and Denver fan. So, naturally, the schadenfreudy, snarky logic from Tebow critics has been to ask happens when Tebow loses?

And in today's case (where he's now become expendable) what happens when God sends a better, more successful quarterback to Denver?  Do a simple Twitter search sticking "Jesus Christ" and "Tebow"  together and you'll see that the jokes have already begun. Though Tebow has yet to speak speak about Manning signing and negotiations, some are already pointing to and stretching this  (maybe prophetic) Tebow quote from December, from The Denver Post:

[U]ltimately I don't know what the future holds, but I know who holds my future and that's something that gives me a lot of peace and a lot of comfort when there might be a lot of turbulence around me."

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