The Not-So-Secret Lives of New Yorkers Who See Psychics

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It's not every day that you wake up to an article in the New York Post about how powerful New Yorkers are seeking out the assistance of psychics to live better lives, but today is that day. Yes, a trend piece on psychics—and not just any psychics, but "power psychics." We should have foreseen this.

According to the Post's Beth Landman, a few things these psychics have instructed New Yorkers on:

  • Marriages.
  • Money.
  • Careers.
  • Health.
  • Children.
  • Real Estate.
  • Relationships.
  • Not going to work on September 11, 2001.
  • Moving away from New York City. 

One of the main "power psychics" profiled in the piece is Elizabeth Fotinopoulos, who had the unfortunate duty of telling Patrick Swayze that he was not going to survive cancer after she predicted his illness to him in 2007. But back to New Yorkers, this is just the beginning of an apparent trend: 

Fotinopoulos is just part of the wave of psychic influence among successful New Yorkers. Some people have become so dependent on psychic consultations, they regularly check online psychic sites. One site,, which launched last year, reports a 40 percent growth in traffic over the past three months.

Checking to make sure people check websites on the trend in question, of course, is stage one of trend reporting 101. Stage two is finding out if both genders are immersed in the trend, and, yep, it's not just women, it's men, too—about "50/50" says another psychic, Frank Andrews, who's been in the business for half a century. “Women have always been more attracted to mysticism and magic, but now that psychics are all over television, it’s become more acceptable to men," he says. Psychics are mainstream! This is, like everything else, due to the economy (stage three): "More and more men want to know if they will be keeping their jobs," says Andrews. Men and women are also asking about real estate deals and for financial advice. Another great reveal: The largest group of New Yorkers who go to psychics are, apparently, fashion designers. It's something about their temperament:

According to [Lesley Jane] Seymour, [editor-in-chief of More magazine], “Half the fashion designers we know see psychics of some sort. They live more on the creative edge than regular corporate workers, and are able to suspend disbelief better than others. They ask everything, from how successful their current collection will be to personal issues about their love lives.’’

Well, it's always good to have someone to turn to for some sound advice—though we doubt there's a power psychic around who would advise their clients to stop spending their money on psychics. 

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