Photo of the Day: Betty's Back Is Back

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Jon Hamm, Kiernan Shipka, and January Jones were on hand with the rest of the gang -- yes, Roger Sterling and Joan too -- to ring the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange on Wednesday. This is just step 173 of the drums-beating trumpets-blaring poster-studded Newsweek-cover-promoted lead-up to the premiere of Mad Men Season Five (this Sunday at  9 p.m. EDT, set your DVRs for a two-hour show!), and we can't help saying, yes, we're excited! But what's this? Don and Sally seem pleased as punch to be there, while Betty is behaving more like...Betty. Sometimes it's hard to tell where the personality ends and the method acting begins. Or maybe it's just too early in the morning. What's that they say? It's five o'clock somewhere

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