Nothing Can Stop NeNe Leakes

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The Call Sheet sifts through the day's glut of Hollywood news to find the stories even non-industry types care about. Today: NeNe Leakes' career is booming, Chloe Moretz is about to do something terrible, and Jane Fonda will of course play a Republican hero.

Ryan Murphy is nothing if not loyal to the folks he likes. One such folk is Real Housewives of Atlanta shit-starter NeNe Leakes, the brassy comic relief on a show otherwise populated by repugnant villains. (Well, except Kandi.) NeNe was already a favorite on Celebrity Apprentice and is a beloved regular on Andy Cohen's Gay Uncle Basement Hour talk show, so she's got the reality thing down. But now she's moving on to scripted fare! She's done a couple episodes of Murphy's Glee, quite well we should add, and now she's been cast on Murphy's new pilot The New Normal in a role that will be "heavily recurring" should it go to series. We don't know anything about the character other than that she'll be named Rocky. So that's pretty big! It seems likely that NBC will pick up the show, about a gay couple and their surrogate, so that means that NeNe will regularly be saying lines as an actress on a major network television show. How about that, huh? This woman just keeps coming out on top! It's good, though. She seems like a fun person, right? We're happy for her. In related news, NeNe's Housewives costar Kim Zolciak has woken up behind a Panera Bread and has decided to have a cigarette while looking for her wig. [Deadline]

Oh god. This is not good news. No. Yikes. Chloe Moretz, who we guess, ehhh, has been likable in things like Kick-Ass and Let Me In, is in negotiations to play the role of Carrie in a remake of the Stephen King novel. Uh. That is not good casting! That is just really not good casting. Sissy Spacek was so good in the original Brian De Palma movie (why are they remaking this again?) because she was such a strange, pale-faced, alien creature. Chloe Moretz is just a perky pretty pouty kid. And that too! She's way too young! She's only fifteen, about ten years younger than Spacek was when she played the part. It just doesn't work, guys. Go back to the drawing board. Because this is bad. I mean, who's playing the mom, Katherine Heigl? No, no! That was just a joke! Don't call her! Don't pick up that phone, noooooo!!! [The Hollywood Reporter]

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OK, guys. You might want to think about packing up the vigil. Yup, put the candles out, pick up all those flowers and whatnot. It looks like Terra Nova is indeed officially dead. After a couple of weeks of negotiation with Fox, Netflix has decided that it won't be airing a second season of the show. Meaning the dino family drama is homeless yet again. Fox hasn't released any of the actors from their contracts yet, so there might still be some dim glimmer of hope, but for the most part this thing looks deceased. So, yeah, why don't you all head home and get some rest. Jason O'Mara is gonna go to a barbell competition somewhere. Of course Landon Liboiron will be heading back to Degrassi. And Stephen Lang? Oh, mercy, nobody knows where Stephen Lang goes. He'll just snarl at you and then oddly wink and then he'll go boundering off into the bushes, only to reemerge a few years later wearing strange skulls around his neck as trophies and smoking a cigar. That's just his way. Anyway. One last dinosaur roar for our friends in the future-past colony. Sorry it didn't work out. [Deadline]

Hahahah oh god. This ought to go over well. Beloved conservative Jane Fonda will be playing free-love commie Nancy Reagan in Lee Daniels' upcoming movie The Butler, a true life tale of a butler who worked at the White House from Truman through Reagan. Oh, boy, everyone must be so happy about that casting choice, right? That's just going to make everyone so splendidly glad. Why, to feel some of that joy, why don't we go over and read the comments on the Fox News site and— Oh my god my eyes! Venom! Everywhere venom! Blind! I am blind!! Jane, why???? [Variety]

Whoopi Goldberg has been cast in a very important role on Glee. Well, you know, important relatively speaking at least. Absolutely nothing is actually important on Glee, in any way shape or form, but in the context of the show, or if these cheery little ghouls were actual people, Whoopi Goldberg's character would be important to them. See, she's playing a professor at the drama school of Kurt and Rachel's dreams who visits the kids in Ohio because that's just how things go when you're applying to elite drama schools in New York. So she'll be around for about three episodes and supposedly will inform the world which of these acidic chipmunks has been accepted into the big show. What's your guess? Both? Neither? If they go then they're kinda off Glee, aren't they? But if they stay, then that's depressing. Unless NYADA (that's the school) is going to open a special Ohio campus, which this show is completely blind to any narrative logic enough to do. We'll just have to wait and see. In the meantime, let's go back to living our lives. [TV Line]

Here is an exciting trailer for a trashy looking C-grade movie called Mother's Day which features long-lost Rebecca De Mornay as the mean, scary mommy of a bunch of dopey bank robbers who take a group of friends hostage. It looks terrible, but also very wonderful. Rebecca De Mornay really should be in more things. Why not something like The Hand That Rocks the Cradle 2? In which the baby is all grown up and De Mornay comes back from the dead (spoiler alert, Rip Van Winkle) and tries to take the kid all over again. "What... what are you doing? Get off me. I have to go to work. Lady, come on, stop. Jeez." Sounds thrilling, right?

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