Nothing Can Stop Lucas Cruikshank

Nickelodeon has an odd dynamo on its hands, an American Idol contestant gets the boot, and Jenna Elfman is headed to Washington

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The Call Sheet sifts through the day's glut of Hollywood news to find the stories even non-industry types can care about. Today: Nickelodeon has an odd dynamo on its hands, an American Idol contestant gets the boot, and Jenna Elfman is headed to Washington.

Are you aware of Lucas Cruikshank? He is the strange sprite creature who plays "Fred," that high-voiced YouTube character who now has a show on Nickelodeon as well as a couple of movies? Well, Cruikshank is getting another Nickelodeon series called Marvin, Marvin about an alien trapped in a teen's body. So it's basically the Tommy character from 3rd Rock from the Sun except played not by future dreamboat Joseph Gordon-Levitt but by the world's most famous spazoid. (Remember the word spazoid? Let's bring it back.) In addition to this show, Fred will continue and there will be another Fred movie. So this kid is basically unstoppable! He's more successful than Teri Hatcher! Than Judy Greer! This kid has more TV show projects than Christian Slater. Television's biggest star is Lucas Cruikshank and we're all gonna have to go ahead and promptly deal with it. What a world we live in. [Deadline]

Uh oh. American Idol contestant Jermaine Jones has been disqualified from the show because he failed to disclose multiple past arrests. So, he's apparently out tonight. It might even happen on the show? It's unclear whether they will hand him over to the Steven Tyler witch for Tyler's various dark purposes or if Ryan Seacrest will just pull that big lever that opens the trap door that Frenchie fell through all those years ago. What a shame. Especially considering that Jones was someone brought back into the competition by the judges after they initially eliminated him during Hollywood Week. What a waste! Johnny Keyser must be so mad. Another question about this whole things is whether they'll still eliminate someone tomorrow now that they're already a man down. We think they will just to keep people interested, or at least they won't tell us either way until tomorrow night, but who knows. Tune in to American Idol tonight to find out! Goddamn it, they got us. They are good. [The New York Times]

Former San Francisco hippie turned out-of-work Scientologist Jenna Elfman has just been cast as the First Lady in the White House comedy pilot 1600 Penn. She'll be married to President Bill Pullman, who as we all remember saved the world from aliens some time ago. Were the aliens that he killed the bad Scientology aliens? Is that how he met Jenna Elfman? It's all very unclear, but I'm sure everything will get explained. What we do know now is that this new show has a lot to do with aliens. Is Lucas Cruikshank in it? Did Bill Pullman kill Lucas Cruikshank's alien parents? So many questions! [Deadline]

CBS has renewed 15 shows for next season — among them 2 Broke Girls and Mike & Molly — but there's still no word on Two and a Half Men. The network says they're in "preliminary" negotiations with the show's producers, but we'll have to wait and see. Oh god, what if they cancel it??? What will we do without that lovable gang, made all the more lovable this year by the presence of Ashton Kutcher? Come on, CBS! These are hard times! We need laughs! Particularly cheap sex jokes yammered loudly by Duckie and Kelso! They're what's going to put America back on track. Do the right thing, CBS. As you've always, always done. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Looks like Freddie Prinze Jr. has left the world of WWE (he worked there for a while! Really!) and has landed a role on a pilot. He'll be playing the ex-fiancé of the lead character, played by Sarah Wright (aka Millicent Gergich), who moves up the corporate ladder at the pharmaceutical company where they both work. His character motivation is described as such: "[Noah] has decided to break up with her because his new job has suddenly given him the chance to be new Noah, and new Noah is about easy laughs and good times." Wait, easy laughs and good times?? Man, wouldn't it be nice to be about easy laughs and good times? But it's hard, not everyone can be about that. Most of us are all about hard chuckles and bad moments. That's just what most of us are about. Maybe someday we'll be easy laughers and good timers, but it doesn't seem likely. Oh well. Good for Freddie, at least. [Deadline]

Comedy Central has bought syndication rights to Community, which is good news for everyone involved. But mostly it is good news for relentless Community freaks who will have even more opportunity to implore non-believers to watch the show. Just over and over again, until those heathens either cave or turn hard against it, vowing to never watch the show out of pure spite. So, well, actually nothing will really change because of this. That's how it is already! War on, everyone! We'll be over here watching Marvin, Marvin and weeping. [MarketWatch]

Here's a trailer for Kathleen Turner's new movie The Perfect Family, about Catholicism and lesbianism and probably several other isms. All we know is that it's exciting to see Kathleen Turner in a movie, as well as Richard Chamberlain playing a priest, of all things.

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