Meet the Hair that Dated Lady Gaga

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Lüc Carl is many things. He is, perhaps most famously, the ex-boyfriend and muse of Lady Gaga. He was a bartender and manager at the Lower East Side bar St. Jerome’s from 2005 to 2010. He has been described as "like the king of Rivington Street." At 31, he is an author and something of a fitness guru (sort of?), behind the book The Drunk Diet. He is a... marathoner. A former chain-smoker. He is a rocker, a knower of heartbreak, a man who lost 55 pounds (15 more since his book was published!). He has been called both a  “boyishly cute heavy-metal-looking dude" (by Vogue) and “a reedy peacock of a rock boy” by the New York PostSteve Kurutz's profile of Luc Carl in the New York Times tells us all of this, and more. But mostly, it tells us about Lüc Carl's hair:

"Luc Carl was having an awesome hair day."

“I had it blown out,” Mr. Carl said of his ’do, which, like his entire being, harks back to the high-volume era of bands like Mötley Crüe. Holding court by the bar, in skintight dark jeans, a black leather vest and a bandanna, Mr. Carl yelled over the music, “I’m in my element!”

“It’s such a high, but it’s a drug you have to earn,” Mr. Carl said after that race, icicles dangling from his mutton chops.

At St. Jerome’s, the male singer of a band called the Dirty Pearls paid Mr. Carl the highest compliment, “Hair looks good tonight.”Mr. Carl beamed, drinking a bottle of Budweiser. “Thanks, man.” In an aside, he added, “My stylist is the stylist for the cast of ‘Chicago.’ ”

“My look doesn’t make sense on the subway,” [Carl] said. “But in a nightclub, with the lights low, my hair and my look make sense.”

Lüc Carl is having an awesome hair life. 


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