Kiernan Shipka Is Becoming a Lady

Today: Sally Draper is growing up, Ben Affleck steps in for Tom Cruise, and everyone's favorite show is renewed.

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The Call Sheet sifts through the day's glut of Hollywood news to find the stories even non-industry types care about. Today: Sally Draper is growing up, Ben Affleck steps in for Tom Cruise, and everyone's favorite show is renewed.

Mad Men's pint-sized trouble starter and real life fashion maven Kiernan Shipka has just joined up with the mega agency CAA, meaning she's really swinging with the big leagues now. Apparently she's doing some sort of guest spot on Don't Tell Mom The Bitch Is 23 or whatever that show is called (ha, just kidding, that show isn't terrible) and obviously Mad Men just started up again, so she is all over the place. She's only twelve years old, so mainstream movie stardom is probably a ways off, but she's still doing pretty well for herself. Now she just needs to start canoodling with some Disney Channel kid and she'll be a huge star in no time. Well, actually, wait, no. She should avoid all that cheesy plastic stuff. She should start dating (when she's a little older, of course) the kid from Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. Hahahaha, jussst kidding. That kid is the worst. And, um, Kiernan is probably not, uh, exactly what he's, erm, looking for, anyway. So. OK, let's stop talking about the dating lives of children, shall we? Terrific. [Deadline]

Earth human Ben Affleck looks to be taking over for Tom Cruise in the movie Nathan Decker, which is described as a "political comedy" about a politician who gets caught having an affair (timely!) and so goes back to his old hometown and comes to terms with things or whatever. So it's really a coming to terms with things in your old home town after being in the big city movie, not a politics movie. Don't you lie to us, Nathan Decker! Anyway, Cruise was attached to this a while back but has since walked away so now Affleck is in. That sounds fine. Affleck can do coming-to-terms-with-things pretty well. He's come to terms with lots of things in lots of movies. It's one of the things he does. Plus the production is probably saving lots of money now that they don't have to pay Tom Cruise's hefty space union fees, so that's a plus. (Tom Cruise is an alien.) [The Hollywood Reporter]

Who should play Nora to Johnny Depp's Nick? That is the question on people's lips as lady casting for a remake of The Thin Man gets underway. The supposed actresses in the running to play the boozy society gal who winds up a P.I. are: Eva Green, Amy Adams, Emma Stone, Carey Mulligan, Rachel Weisz, Kristen Wiig, Emily Blunt and Isla Fisher. Well let's rule out Emma Stone because she is 23 and Johnny Depp 48. Carey Mulligan is a little young, too. Eva Green is not funny so she's out. But everyone else? They kinda work. I like the idea of it being Kristen Wiig, though she might play it too character-y, you know? Wait, what the hell am I talking about? This is a Johnny Depp movie. There's no such thing as too character-y in those junk heaps! Mug on, Wiigy! Just do the "Don't make me sing" character from SNL for two hours and call it a damn day. [Deadline]

Fox has renewed its hit bones show The Bones for a whopping eighth season. We've never seen the show but we've seen ads and stuff so we've gleaned that the series, a spin-off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, involves the werewolf Angelo (David Borealis) traveling to a new city where he meets a mean demon named Anita "The Bones" Bones (Zooey Deschanel), who eats bones. They flirt for a while and then go to couples therapy after she tries to eat his bones and once in a while they accidentally solve a bones-related murder. So what's not to like about that? Gotta love The Bones, America's best television show after The Chuck, a show about Chuck. [Vulture]

Here is a trailer for House at the End of the Street, a horror film starring Katniss Everdeen as a girl who gets stuck in a house at the end of the street. She's stuck there because a cute boy and his crazy sister (who maybe moiduhed her parents some years ago) have her trapped there. Meanwhile Elisabeth Shue is her mother, so that's pretty terrifying too. (Just kidding, Elisabeth Shue is great.) Will Katniss make it back to the beginning of the street? We'll have to watch to find out. This trailer is notable mostly for the fact that it's told in backwards chronology which is pretty neat. There's no way we will see this, toooo scary, but sure, it probably won't be bad.

Here is a trailer for the new drama People Like Us (formerly Welcome to People), which stars Elizabeth Banks and Chris Pine as siblings who didn't know they were siblings until recently (well, Banks doesn't seem to know for most of the movie) so there's a little awkward flirting (or maybe it's a lot awkward? Like movie ruining awkward maybe?) but mostly it's family bonding. The movie was directed and co-written by Alex Kurtzman, who has wrote the Transformers movies, so you know this is going to be really amazing. An interesting thing about this movie is that in some Hollywood Reporter actresses roundtable video a while back, Hilary Swank said she was super into this script but she was never offered the part and then Amy Adams was like "Oh, yeah, hm... They offered that to me... And I turned it down..." and it was super-duper awkward but also kind of great. So that's the backstory behind this bad boy. We won't see this, toooo scary, but sure, it probably will be bad.

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