Jennifer Lawrence Has High-Class Problems

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The Call Sheet sifts through the day's glut of Hollywood news to find the stories even non-industry types care about. Today: Jennifer Lawrence might have a scheduling conflict, Scott Wolf is back on TV, and Keira Knightley makes a terrible decision.

There's a question in the air as to whether Jennifer Lawrence, soon to come arrow-shootin' onto the screen as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games, might have a big scheduling conflict coming up. Lionsgate wants to start production on the film's sequel, Catching Fire, this summer, but Lawrence is also locked into appearing in Fox's X-Men: First Class sequel (Second Class?) as Mystique. Fox has dibs on Lawrence as they snapped her up first, but obviously Katniss is the starring role so, creatively at least, that ought to take precedence -- so this could be a problem! Or, well, it could not be. One of Lawrence's people says that the studios are "making accommodations" for the actress and that everything should work out fine. Making accommodations would behoove both studios, as Lawrence is getting to be quite famous and having her in either movie is a boon. This is indeed a pretty A-list problem for an actress to have, so really it's hardly a problem at all. Though, if one studio does decide to get devious and meddle with the other production, we know now that all they'd have to do to get the other production out of the picture is off a few horses. But that'd be, like, evil. And Hollywood isn't evil! [The Hollywood Reporter]

Aw, someone's gone and given Scott Wolf some work. The White Squall actor has been cast in The CW's Joey Dakota pilot, which is a "romantic-time-travel-musical" (o_O) about Greek's Amber Stevens traveling back in time to do a documentary about a popular singer who died in the '90s and falling in love with that singer and then, back in the present, trying to travel back in time again to prevent his death. Hm. OK. We say again: o_O. Wolf will be playing "Franklin, who seems to know a lot about Maya’s situation, may have been dabbling with time travel himself, and could be the key to Maya’s returning to the past and the man she loves." So he's a spirit guide. Homer had a coyote on The Simpsons, and Ashleigh from Greek gets a Wolf. Makes sense to us! [Deadline]

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Oh dear. Keira Knightley, no. The actress is apparently in talks to star in a freaking Nicholas Sparks movie. Girl, you're an Oscar nominee! There's no need, just no need! The movie, Safe Haven, will be directed by soft-touch director Lasse Halstrom and is about a "mysterious woman" who shows up in a small North Carolina town (this is Nicholas Sparks, after all) and falls in love with a single dad. Said dad has two little moppets, who will likely say many a precocious/oddly knowing thing. So... good grief. Why, Keira, why? Does she just want to spend some time on the Outer Banks? Maybe she was drunk when she took the meeting? Or, maybe, she wants a wider American audience for something that isn't about pirates and these damn Nicholas Sparks movies always seem to do pretty well? Nah, that can't be it. Anyway, the two kids will be played by Janet McTeer and Derek Jacobi. [Twitch, via Vulture]

Noooooooo. Fox has decided to shelve I Hate My Teenage Daughter until the summer (that's not the noooo part) and make every American Idol performance show from now until the end of the season two hours long. Nooooooo. That's too much, Fox! It's just too much! We love Idol! We write about it two damn days a week! But two hours for every performance episode? Even when there are only like five left? That is just cruel and unusual, Fox. Just downright mean. No meaner than foisting I Hate My Teenage Daughter onto the world, but still mean. [Deadline]

Billy Crudup and Clive Owen have joined a brothers-doing-crimes movie (co-written by brothers-doing-crimes movie expert James Gray) directed by Guillaume Canet, who is a good director (Tell No One) but is also an actor who looks like this. So him, Crudup, and Owen all on one set. That's quite a good-lookin' set! Add to that the fact that Mila Kunis, Zoe Saldana, and (Canet's wife) Marion Cotillard are also in the movie, and they just might all melt the earth beneath them and fall into a pit. Luckily for everyone, old Jimmy Caan will be there to balance it all out. (Sorry, Jimmy.) [The Hollywood Reporter]

Well, Marie's Crisis just exploded. Here's a clip of Bernadette Peters, yes, the Bernadette Peters, singing "Everything's Coming Up Roses" while playing an old diva/stage mom on an upcoming episode of Smash. RIP Hell's Kitchen. [Entertainment Weekly]

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