Houston Chef Taunts Critic to Come to His Restaurant and Fight Him

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A chef in Houston had an absolute meltdown over a bad blog review, and on Tuesday night he invited anybody who disagreed with him about how to handle the bad press to "Come say it to my face." 

The vitriol coming from Hubcap Grill chef/owner Ricky Craig over an unimpressed review on A Hamburger Today is simply delicious, which is why Eater's national site picked it up from its Houston branch. Craig tweeted a litany of gems, including: "Hey Ewan MacDonald from 'A Hamburger Today' YOU HAVE POOR/ NO TASTE BUDS. FUCK YOU & YOUR BLOG U WANNA BE FOOD CRITIC. BITCH." First Craig thought blogger Ewan Macdonald was Scottish, so he tweeted: "No soccer writer from 'Scotland' is gonna come to my home town n talk smack on my burgers." Then Craig realized Macdonald was from Dallas and he turned the thing into a caps-filled Dallas hate-fest: "EWAN MCDONALD GET OUT OF MY CITY YOU FUCKER! WHAT!!??!! YOU HAVE NOTHING TO WRITE ABOUT IN SHITTY FAKE DALLAS??"

The offending review started out fairly nice, with Macdonald writing Hubcap Grill was "everything I love about burger culture," and lauding the buns and fries. The offending paragraph focused on the meat:

We were off to a fine start. Sadly, it was only to get worse. That's because the patties were simply bland, made of barely seasoned ground chuck. The crust was the burger equivalent of fools' gold—sure, it offered a bit of bite, but the substance, the flavor, just wasn't there. The lettuce and tomato were fighting a losing battle, the grilled onions would have worked far better on a single than a double, and in the end it was mouthful after mouthful of insipid beef and yellow mustard. It was the kind of mealy, rapidly-cooling sandwich you'd absent-mindedly chew on at a back yard cook-out in between swigs of Bud Light—no more, no less. 

We're dying to know if anybody took Craig up on his "say it to my face" offer, which he made sure to tweet from the restaurant's official account. In case you're wondering, no, Craig wasn't drunk when he invited AHT blogger Ewan Macdonald to "come to 19th you wanna be fake no taste buds food critiic so I can kick your sorry ass all up n down 19th" (a tweet since deleted, but captured by Eater Houston). He tweeted his sobriety.

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