The Day Geraldo Went Viral

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According to Geraldo Rivera, the Fox Newer's "own son just wrote to say he's ashamed of my position re hoodies." He's not the only one. Today, Geraldo hatred went viral.

Here's a short guide to the memes Rivera's comments inspired:

Geraldo in a Hoodie. A custom Tumblr is sort of the caviar on the meme buffet: thought-provoking, sparse and certainly dangerous. If a Tumblr goes too viral, it gets a book deal and then the meme moves media, a sure sign that it will be lasting. Very bluntly however descriptively named, "Geraldo in a Hoodie" turns the former talk show hosts opinion about the highly comfortable and often warm piece of apparel on its head. (See what we did there?)

#Geraldonts. This is the real low-hanging fruit on the meme tree. Think of a clever play on words, a contraction that's not really a contraction, throw a pound sign in front of it and you're heading straight to viralville. Our favorite so far:

4chan template. The darkest place on the Internet is bad for a few reasons but great for many. Those many reasons include instant meme-generation skills. We're guessing it's going to take a few more minutes for the all-caps, I Can Haz Cheezburger-style template to get really brilliantly used. But it exists:

Corporate backlash. This is the ultimate meme. When the Web-rage peaks and corporation's are forced to respond. Fox News used to sell hoodies in its online shop. Now, it appears that they are impossible to buy.

Classic YouTube videos. Geraldo's had a lot of embarrassing TV moments and they're coming back to hit him in the face. Literally. (Pro tip: Check out the comments.)

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