Colbert's Super PAC Still Has Bank

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Stephen Colbert hasn't done much with his super PAC in the last month, but he still has to file FEC paperwork, and according to his latest filings, he can still afford to pay someone to do that for him. Politico notes the super PAC has $780,000 in the bank, "plenty of cash for the faux pundit to use to make mischief through joke ads as the presidential campaign progresses." But with little on-air comedy civics lessons, the inflow of new donations has slowed down. Colbert's audience showered him with $219,000 in January, according to Politico, bringing the PAC's funding total past $1 million, but since then the flow of money has slowed to just $33,000 last month. The Huffington Post pointed out in late January that 90 percent of Colbert's supporters gave less than $250, as opposed to the "super donors" many earnest super PACs court. Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow stayed quiet during February, spending $17,000 on consulting but not undertaking any new projects or campaigns. And once the pranks and ads start flowing out again, the money probably will start flowing as well.

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