Chevy Chase and the Creator of 'Community' Hate Each Other

The prospects for a fourth season of Community are looking rosier and rosier, but behind the scenes, Chevy Chase and executive producer Dan Harmon are having a bitter and not-so-private feud.

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The prospects for Community are looking rosier and rosier, what with the post-modern sitcom with the passionate following drawing respectable ratings since NBC put it back on the schedule. But behind the scenes, Chevy Chase, who plays Pierce, and series creator Dan Harmon are playing out a feud that makes the one involving that other Piers seem positively civil by comparison. According to Deadline, who note that details of the growing tensions have spilled onto the pages of Community fanboy mecca Reddit, Chase stormed off the set on the last day of shooting in February before a key scene could be shot. Things escalated from there:

Then at the wrap party, Harmon got up and gave a “F*ck you, Chevy” speech in front of Chase and his wife and daughter, and encouraged the crew to join him in saying “f*ck you” to the actor.

Chase responded with a potty-mouthed voicemail of his own, audio of which has leaked online. (It's unclear who is laughing in the audio, but it's assumed Harmon played the message for a group of friends and someone recorded their reaction.) Will the two patch things up in time to keep the Greendale Community College study group intact in time for a fourth season? This is Hollywood. Stranger things have happened.

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