Channing Tatum's D.C. Striptease Request; Jeremy Lin Doesn't Like Fast Women

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Welcome to the Smart Set. Every morning we bring you the gossip coverage, filtered. Today: Despite audience requests in Georgetown, Channing Tatum did not remove his clothes to promote 21 Jump Street, Jeremy Lin likes smart women that wear sensible clothes, and all is not well at the Clinton Global Initiative.

Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum, and Ice Cube -- the stars of the shockingly decent-looking 21 Jump Street movie -- held a Q&A screening in Georgetown on Wednesday night. Roxanne Roberts and Amy Argetsinger, who write The Washington Post's gossip column The Reliable Source, couldn't get into the screening because it was one of those No Press shindigs that enrage D.C. media types. Still, they managed to get word from a "source in the room" who revealed that "many of the questions, from a largely college-age audience, had a common theme: Would Tatum please take his shirt off? And would he accept a challenge to a dance-off? Tatum politely declined." This is what happens when you don't have a free press at free advance screenings. [The Reliable Source]

Director Terry George won an Academy Award for his short film The Shore on Sunday and he's happy, very happy. Happy enough to take the bauble out Wednesday night in New York for a drink with Brendan Fraser at PH-D, the Dream Downtown's rooftop bar. Sources say George "let cocktail waitresses take pictures with his Oscar," which is a lovely gesture. We would caution George to remember what happened to Cosmo Kramer when he brought his (ill-gotten) Tony Award to Sardi's and wound up having to fire Raquel Welch from the cast of Scarsdale Surprise. [Page Six]

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It seems that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is "already meddling in the ex-president’s beloved foundation, which she plans to make her new base of operations" when she departs Foggy Bottom next year. Per the New York Post -- which went all-in with their headline choice, "There'll Be Hill To Pay!" -- she plans to give the Clinton Global Initiative "a housecleaning" (oof) that will include "key personnel changes" as she settles in to a new life of global advocacy and trying to avoid the unavoidable chatter about a possible 2016 run for the White House. Apparently, she's concerned her husband has mucked up the "Clinton brand" by getting tangled up with various organizations he shouldn't have gotten tangled up with, which could put her in an ethical bind. A friend of Clinton's says she's "preparing to deploy" Huma Abedin to the foundation, probably in a Mr. Wolf-like capacity, while Clinton attempts to "get her arms around this." Somewhat cryptically (and confusingly), another friend of the Clintons notes that "Already the nest is being prepared."  It's unclear what exactly she's worried, since last month the former president confirmed he was "severing" his potentially problematic ties to Teneo, a New York consulting firm run by several former aides. We also don't know what that nest business is about. Matt McKenna, the former president's spokesman, denied that all tinkering talk, calling the story "categorically false." [New York Post

Goldie Hawn has departed Darren Star's new HBO show, hi-lariously titled The Viagra Diaries. Apparently "after a bumpy last few months," HBO and the actress decided to go their separate ways. Why so bumpy? Well, Nikki Finke has heard rumors -- from people! --  that Hawn was "being difficult in her dealings with the rest of the people involved in the project and in the casting process." The pilot is being directed by Bridesmaids helmer Paul Feig, so hopefully they recast the role quickly. Might we suggest Tea Leoni? Good in everything, and she was a sport when HBO didn't pick up her pilot about the fashion industry. [Deadline]

When Jeremy Lin goes out for a night of drinking, he doesn't rage and call ex-girlfriends and mix Red Bull with lighter fluid. At The Darby on Wednesday night with teammates Landry Fields and Jared Jeffries, a spy says he looked like "a "classic dorky Harvard guy" and didn't even drink. (He nursed a single Bud Light during his last night out with Fields.) Naturally, he ended up meeting a large number of well-wishers, including many of the female persuasion. Which of course raises the question: does Jeremy Lin have a type? Well, according to a witnes he "seemed interested in smart girls that didn’t look slutty." And why not: they're the salt of the dating earth. [Page Six]

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