Behold, New Bravo Shows You Will Hate to Love

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The Call Sheet sifts through the day's glut of Hollywood news to find the stories even non-industry types care about. Today: Bravo is putting more stuff out into the world, Matt Weiner puts together a movie, and J.Lo's new show is in trouble.

Bravo has announced a slate of seven new shows in development, and some of them sound kind of good? Like The Alumni Project (all titles are working titles, and most are blunt and awful), which is about "graduates of some of the best high schools in the country… 15 years after the fact. Though their school days are in the past, the competition, the cliques, the insecurities and the longstanding grudges are as true now as they were back then." That sounds kinda fun, right? There was that other show that did this, it was on The WB or something (RIP The WB), but it by no means involved anyone from "the best high schools." So that could be something to potentially look forward to. Also 10 Things That Make Me Happy could be fun in a nosy sort of way, as each episode features three celebrities who talk about their ten favorite things and you get to see inside their houses and stuff. Though I guess the success of that show really depends on who the celebrities are. "Hey, I'm Jake Pavelka and this is my favorite knife. And I really like this rope and this chloroform. Oh, and these are great, durable black trash bags, always keep some of those in the car trunk. And, of course, Diet Dr. Pepper. I love Diet Dr. Pepper!" That would probably not be good. (The joke there is that Jake Pavelka is creepy and seems like a murderer. He is a very scary person.) Or it could be depressing, like Lisa Rinna showing us her favorite lip balm and it taking twenty-five minutes to put on or Andy Dick showing us his favorite crawlspace. You'd really have to keep the star level pretty high on that one. But still, it sounds kinda fun. Most of the other shows, including one about a doctor in Orange County and something called Sex and the Kitchen, sound like nightmares that no one should ever make. But that we'll probably watch anyway. Sigh. [Deadline]

Mad Men maestro Matt Weiner has assembled his cast for his feature writing and directing debut, the road trip/dead dad drama-comedy You Are Here. Owen Wilson will star as a weatherman whose dad dies, Zach Galifianakis will play his zany best friend, and Amy Poehler will play his sister. With that crew this sounds like a far cry from all the serious stuff of Mad Men, but who knows. Owen and Zach have done drama before, after all. Wouldn't it be interesting to see Amy Poehler do serious stuff? She does a little on Parks and Recreation, but what if this was like really serious? That would be fascinating! OK, Weiner. Now go and make this movie and don't take two years to do it. We're sick of waiting a long time for your stuff. Give it to us now! [The Hollywood Reporter]

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Eesh. Fox has moved Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony's Latin music singing competition show Q'Viva from its already awful Saturday night primetime spot to an even awfuler Saturday late night slot. After four measly episodes. So, that's too bad for ol' J.Lopes and Marc Anthony! Ah well, at least everything else is going great with the two of them. Hm? What's that? They did? Oh. Uh. Sorry guys. Tough break. Yikes. [Deadline]

Poor Rebel Wilson has signed on to costar in a new movie from director Michael Bay. It's a crime drama called Pain and Gain, because clearly Michael Bay will be great at directing a crime drama. Rebel, why? I know Mark Wahlberg and Ed Harris are in this movie, and that's cool and all, and probably it's a pretty good paycheck, but Rebel, it's Michael Bay for god's sake. You might not make it out alive! Or, you know, you probably at least won't make it out without being in a slo-mo montage with an American flag billowing in the background. Rebel, don't do it. [Entertainment Weekly]

Here is a new and extended trailer for Sacha Baron Cohen's new comedy The Dictator, and I must say it actually looks kind of funny! It's nice that he's in a totally scripted movie this time rather than embarrassing unsuspecting real-life people for cruel sport. Everyone in this is an actor and is just saying lines and no one got hurt and that's nice. So let's all laugh! (Oh and stay tuned at the end of the trailer for a little something extra. It's pretty dumb!)

And here is a trailer for Safety Not Guaranteed, a new movie featuring Mark Duplass and Aubrey Plaza that's about a crazy dude and the mopey indie girl who indulges him. There is always a mopey indie girl who indulges these dudes, isn't there?

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