Battle of the Brackets: Jezebel and Muppets Roll to the Final Four

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Jezebel and Muppet Madness have claimed the first two spots in our Battle of the Brackets Final Four,  and Foreign Policy and Fug Madness are looking to lock up their spots tonight.  Jezebel's Sex vs. Chocolate bracket grabbed a win last night over io9's Worst SciFi Movie Ever Made, grabbing over 63% of your votes, while the fifth-seeded Muppet Madness claimed the biggest upset of the competition so far when the ousted the top-seeded NCAA College Basketball tournament in convincing fashion, getting nearly 73 percent of your votes.

Just a reminder, voting for the remaining two spots come to a close at 8 p.m. tonight.  In those contests, the Fug Girls' Fug Madness is (for now) crushing Vulture's Drama Derby, while Foreign Policy holds an edge over Forbes' Jargon Madness.  So if you have a favorite in any of those two pairings, be sure and make your vote heard before tonight. 

We'll be posting our Final Four matches tomorrow. 

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