Battle of the Brackets: Jezebel and io9 Roll, Consumerist Upset

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The first round of our inaugural Battle of the Brackets comes to a close tonight, and you've already chosen Jezebel, io9, Muppet Madness and the original NCAA College Basketball Bracket to move on to our Elite Eight.  Voting for those pairings closed last night, and the voting for our second batch of matchups closes tonight. Last time we checked, Fug Madness and Vulture's Drama Derby seemed to be rolling, while it looks like lower seeds Foreign Policy and Forbes are on the verge of upsetting favorites Grantland and MTV. 

As for our first set of pairings, Jezebel and io9 steamrolled Name of The Year and Esquire, and meet each other in the next round. NCAA had a bit tougher time putting away Sound of The City's competition for the quintessential New York City Musician. In the closest contest of the competition, your love of Muppets gave them and Muppet Madness a razor thin victory (right):


Here's the updated bracket. Remember, the voting for our second set of first round matchups closes at (7:00pm EDT) tonight, so vote vote vote...

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