Battle of the Brackets: Fugs and Muppets Will Battle for the Championship

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And then there were two. You've decided that Muppet Madness and Fug Madness will battle it out for The Atlantic Wire's Inaugural Battle of the Brackets. Of course this means bidding farewell to our competitors from Jezebel and Foreign Policy. Dictators vs. Democrats and Sex vs. Chocolate, you both fought valiantly and honorably ... and there's always next year.  

So moving on.  This is what you voted for: Fug Madness vs. Muppet Madness. 


The Championship

Go Fug  Yourself's Fug Madness vs. Muppet Madness

Let's remember how these two brackets got here:

#3 Go Fug Yourself's Fug Madness

Sweet Sixteen: d. (6) Garden and Gun Southern Food  (60 percent)

Elite Eight: d. (2) Vulture's Drama Derby  (98 percent)

Final Four: d. (1) Jezebel's Sex vs. Chocolate (88 percent)

#5 Muppet Madness

Sweet Sixteen: d. (4) The Consumerist's Worst Company in America (50 percent)

Elite Eight: d. (1) NCAA College Basketball Tournament (70 percent)

Final Four: d. (6) Foreign Policy's Dictators vs. Democrats (57 percent)

And Now:

As we mentioned earlier, these two brackets beat the best of the best to get here. Just to recap, Fug Madness crushed Jezebel's Sex vs. Chocolate in the last round, sending the top seed packing. And that's been their story of late. After breezing by Garden and Gun,  the Fug Girls' fans have turned up the heat and voted in droves--throughout the tournament, Fug Madness's contests have consistently had the biggest voter turnout, which probably accounts for the last two thrashings at the expense of the higher-seeded Jezebel and Vulture.   

Recommended Reading

The Fug Madness bracket is now deep into its own Final Four, and, yes, our Cinderella pick, Lindsay Lohan, is still in it. She's taken out Cee Lo, Stella McCartney, the more than game Lady Gaga and R&B afterthought (and walking sartorial blunder ) Ashanti to get there. We think if she can get past the Scandinavian sea-foam essence known as Robyn, she'll coast to the win. 

Muppet Madness's march into the finals has an altogether different narrative from the Fug Girls. First off, they barely squeaked by Consumerist in the first round (we're talking about one vote separating the two), before stomping on the tourney's huge favorite--the NCAA College Basketball Tournament. After wrapping up their match against Foreign Policy's Dictators vs. Democrats last night, we can all agree that being niche certainly doesn't mean unpopular--in fact, it's quite the opposite. 

Like Fug Madness's Lindsay Lohan, our Cinderella pick in Muppet Madness, Rowlf, is in the final four. He's taking on perennial powerhouse Kermit the Frog. And no offense to Neil Patrick Harris or whoever makes it out of the other half of the bracket, it's either Rowlf or Kermit taking this whole thing. 

So we ask you (for the last time until next March) which bracket deserves to win The Atlantic Wire's Battle of Brackets? Does Fug really reign supreme? Does Muppet Madness have one more magic moment in it to pull out this win? You decide. Voting will close at 9 p.m. on Sunday (because you all need to catch that episode of Good Wife or Mad Men right?).

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