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Move over, Carrot Top! Out of the way, Animal! There's a new, hairy orange thing at the top of the Hollywood heap. Won't you join us now for another Box Office Report, as we sing the praises of the golden-stashed Lorax?

1. Dr. Seuss' The Lorax (Universal): $70.7 million in 3,729 theaters 

All hail the mighty Lorax! The 3D animated spin on the charming Dr. Seuss tale about a tree-hugging creature clobbered the weekend box office, and broke some records, as well: Deadline reports it's "the biggest grossing film ever from a Dr, Seuss book, as well as the biggest opener of 2012, the fourth biggest March opener, the eighth biggest animated PG film, and the fifth biggest animated 3D film." Sadly, critical reception has been lukewarm.

2. Project X (WB): $20.78 million in 3,055 theaters 

The found-footage genre so popular amongst horror and sci-fi genres now spreads into the realm of teen comedies, with this party-of-the-century movie starring complete unknowns. It's the third found-footage movie to open over $20 mil, after Chronicle and The Devil Inside, so expect lots more.

3. Act of Valor (Relativity): $13.7 million in 3,053 theaters [Week 2]

Speaking of untested actors, Act of Valor, starring a cast of "active duty Navy SEALs" dishonorably plunged 44 percent from its first-place opening. Whatever. They can still kill you with one thumb.

4. Safe House (Universal): $7.2 million in 2,553 theaters [Week 4]

The Denzel Washington/Ryan Reynolds action flick holds steady in the Top 5, with a cumulative domestic gross of $108.2 million.

5. Tyler Perry's Good Deeds  (Lionsgate): $7 million in 2,132 theaters [Week 2]

Mr. Perry's latest outing continues to falter, though it should end up being only his second-lowest grossing release. Don't worry, Daddy's Little Girls. You're still safe.

10. The Artist (Weinstein): $3.9 million in 1,756 theaters [Week 15]

The 2012 Oscar winner for Best Picture enjoyed a 34.2 percent Oscar boost. By comparison, Hurt Locker saw an increase of 88.6 percent after its win.

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