So Who Was Brutus the Ape on 'SNL' Last Night?

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After last week's uncomfortable Lindsay Lohan outing, Jonah Hill was a welcome relief as he led his second guest-hosting stint on Saturday Night Live. It was a messy, loose show, but Hill's relaxed approach and ability to command a scene wound up salvaging the night.

Most of Hill's monologue was already in the can, as the Oscar-nominated star of Moneyball presented a short mockumentary in which the SNL staff was forced to endure his rampaging ego. Easy highlight: his snipping match with fellow nominee Kristen Wiig, who writes her scripts on a computer, in case you were wondering. A live Tom Hanks cameo, who played kissy-face with one of his Oscars, rounded out the strong opener.

The episode also featured the return of crowd-favorite Stefon, Bill Hader's lovably methed-out nightlife correspondent, who did a very poor job of holding it together when describing what "Hoombas" are. 

Finally, depending on who you ask, the sketch titled "Primate Research Center" was either a new low for broadcasting, or an amazingly wrong and hilarious sketch in the vein of South Park. The premise involves a scientist, played by Hill, who presents reporters with an ape named Brutus who he's taught to speak. Brutus then relays the various, kinky sexual acts he's been forced to perform upon Hill's character. But the ape-rape comedy was overshadowed by the mystery of the man inside the Brutus costume, who was completely unidentifiable and had many on Twitter guessing.

For everyone who said "incognito Robert Downey Jr." (my guess), sorry: According to The SNL Archives, that was Fred Armisen playing the defiled primate. 

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