Who Do Pundits Love? Twitter Has Valentine's Answers

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Twitamore.com, is a fun, new Valentine's Day themed tool that analyzes data to match a Twitter user with his or her Twitter crush. The Atlantic Wire has put it to work to match-up the politicos who love to flirt and throw rocks at each other on the social network.The tool, created by the designer Lee Munroe, cleverly analyzes the follower list, timeline, and favorited tweets of a Twitter username to determine that person's "love" just in time for V-day. It makes for hilarious revelations, (though not necessarily accurate ones for all of you poor souls actually turning to Twitter for date suggestions.) Below we've listed our top ten favorite Twitter love matches.

1. The Drudge Report's Matt Drudge <3s CNN's John King.

Maybe the conservative Drudge is just thankful King set up Newt Gingrich with that softball last month that made for some electric GOP television magic

2. Barack Obama's strategist David Axelrod <3s Nicholas T. Ryan, founder of the conservative political fundraising group American Future Fund.

Maybe opposites do attract? Team Obama strategist Axelrod and Ryan, founder of the conservative American Future Fund which raises millions to  defeat Democrats, would have one heck of an awkward date night. 

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3. Ann Coulter <3s ... Ann Coulter.

No comment, except to register our utter delight.

4. BuzzFeed's Ben Smith <3s ABC News's Jake Tapper.


Paging The New York Observer: Media power couple in the making? 

5. Karl Rove <3s Fox News's Greta Van Susteren

Nothing too surprising about this alliance. Rove just can't get enough of the cute way she talks out the side of her mouth.

6. MSNBC's Chuck Todd <3s The Washington Post's Jennifer Rubin.

Sorry Todd. Rubin's only got eyes for Mitt Romney.

7. Fox News's Bret Baier <3s Himself.


Baier spends a good amount of his Twitter time sparring with those who accuse him of being in the tank for one Republican presidential candidate or another. So let the record show where his true affections lie. This will henceforth be known as "Ann Coulter-ing." 

8. NewsBeast's Tina Brown <3s NPR Morning Edition.


We would have thought business-minded Brown would be in love with her own publications, Newsweek or The Daily Beast, so it's refreshing to see ... Oh, wait, yes. She's a Morning Edition contributor. Never mind.

9. CNN's Piers Morgan <3s Lord Alan Sugar.

Morgan, we know you cut your teeth on Fleet Street but, you're on CNN now. Could it be time to extinguish that old candle and fall in love with one of the American celebrities you're accused of coddling each night on your show? 

10.Time's Mark Halperin <3s Mitt Romney 

Not, uh, the best idea for a Valentine's Day date for those trying to maintain some semblance of journalistic neutrality. But, hey, you two might have a ball saying inappropriate things about Barack Obama.

And that's a wrap for us. But we highly encourage you to play around with the tool as we approach the big day. We guarantee you'll chuckle. 

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