Welcome Back, Scott Speedman

Scott Speedman is having a comeback, someone's letting Lindsay Lohan do live television, and Chris Colfer made a little movie.

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The Call Sheet sifts through the day's glut of Hollywood news to find the stories even non-industry types care about. Today: Scott Speedman is having a comeback, someone's letting Lindsay Lohan do live television, and Chris Colfer made a little movie.

Felicity finally chose Ben (well done, girl) like ten years ago (uh, spoiler alert, sorry), so that's a little insane, but it also means that Scott Speedman, who played the proud-maned young swain in question, hasn't really done much in a decade. Sure there was Underworld, but that hardly counts. Really he's been mostly MIA since Felicity flickered off the air, and that's too bad! I mean, look at him! He's like a gourmet chicken finger, that one. A crisp, Canadian golden brown! So it's very good news that he seems to be on his way back. Yes, Scott Speedman is speedmaning back onto the scene, first in a supporting role in The Vow, currently enswooning movie audiences at romance houses the nation over, and next in a new ABC pilot from The Shield's Shawn Ryan about a submarine crew that decides to declare itself a sovereign nuclear nation. Andre Braugher stars. So... that doesn't sound great, we'd much rather watch a new show called Scott Speedman Tries on Sweaters and Then Cooks Dinner, but still, good for him for working. Pretty much everyone from Felicity is taken care of now! Well, uh, except Amy Jo Johnson. Nobody's heard from her in years. Rita Repulsa must have finally gotten her or something. Too bad. [TV Line]

Uh oh, batten down the hatches, New York. Cocaine tornado Lindsay Lohan is blowing into town to come host Saturday Night Live on March 3rd. She is promoting... absolutely nothing, but oh well! It's Lindsay Lohan! Hopefully there will be some really fun jokes from 2007 about how she's crazy and then they'll do "What's Up With That" and "Secret Word" and that'll be that. They really don't need to do anything beyond that, as everyone will tune in anyway out of sheer curiosity. Will she fall down? Will she take anyone down with her when she falls down? How many times will she fall down? Will it be down a flight of stairs? Up a flight of stairs? There are just so many things to wonder about Lindsay Lohan falling down on Saturday Night Live on March 3rd. [The Hollywood Reporter]

The underused Mary McCormack (Private Parts, Deep Impact) (that's two movie titles, not one title with a comma in it, she's not that kind of actress) has been cast as the lead in a new ABC pilot. She'll play a busy businesswoman who, a la Baby Boom, loses her job and ends up having to focus on being a mother. Only in this case it's not one little baby in Vermont, it's a couple of awful, stink-filled teenagers. And probably Sam Shepard is not in this. But those are the only two differences between this and Baby Boom. God, isn't Baby Boom a good movie? Mary McCormack, go do a Baby Boom remake. Wait, no, that's a terrible idea. Do this show, but just keep in mind that Baby Boom A) is a great movie and B) probably did it better than this show ever will. And, hey, there was already a Baby Boom show anyway, with Kate Jackson. Shockingly, it didn't last long. You know what? Baby Boom is on Netflix Instant so, uh, we're just gonna go... brb... [Deadline]

He left us, and we mourned. But, He said he would return to that hill someday and we would all be saved. And returned He has! O rejoice, hallelujah! Finally, at long last, we can all go home. We are, of course, talking about the fact that Chad Michael Murray is going back to do some work on One Tree Hill. We were right all along! Suck it, Jews! Or whoever didn't believe in the second coming! Of Chad Michael Murray. On One Tree Hill. It's a big deal. We're pretty sure Harold Camping just got sucked up into space. Big Chad Michael Murray fan, Harold Camping. But aren't we all? Everyone except Barack Hussein Obama, anyway. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Here's a trailer for the very low-budge looking Struck by Lightning, a movie written by and starring Glee's resident ghost Chris Colfer. It looks like a pretty standard-grade high school loner movie, except he managed to get a bunch of bold names — Allison Janey, Dylan McDermot Mulroney, Christina Hendricks — to be in it. So it sort of has a high profile, even though it looks like it was filmed using Lifetime original movie film stock. Eh, good for Kurt. He deserves it. Now we eagerly await the first trailer for Lea Michele's writing debut, Lea Michele is Lea Michele in "Lea Michele!" a New Movie Musical All About Lea Michele. That's gonna be quite something.

And here's a trailer for the upcoming History Channel miniseries Hatfields & McCoys, about the famous centuries-long Appalachian family feud. Richard Karn will host. Haha, no just kidding. The miniseries stars Kevin Costner, Bill Paxton-Pullman, and Jena Malone, and, judging by this rock 'em sock 'em trailer anyway, seems to be a little less history focused and a little more pistol-shootin' and butt-kickin' focused. Which, sure, fine. But maybe they should just change the name to The Channel, y'know? Nothing historical really happens on it anymore, nothing really specific at all happens. It's just stuff. The Things Channel. The Occasions Channel. Happeningz. That sounds good, right? Change it up, History Channel. Accuracy is key. Well, anyway, let's all take a moment to sigh/weep/laugh at: "Golden Globe nominee Bill Paxton." Oh man. That's worse than putting nothing above his name.

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