Watch Every Oscar Nominee Lose Simultaneously

A giant animated gif has every reaction shot from Oscar winners and losers.

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FourFour has created what might well be the greatest animated gif of our generation: a grid of Oscar acting nominees reacting to their losses simultaneously. The winners, meanwhile, are located on the far right. Meryl Streep appears a great many times on the big board, seeing as she has been nominated for 17 Academy Awards, yet hasn't actually taken home a trophy since 1983, for Sophie's Choice. Her reactions to losing are some of the most ebullient -- and priceless. Other moments to look for: Kathy Bates' head-cock of disbelief upon hearing Catherine Zeta-Jones' name for Chicago in 2002 (seven rows down); Chinatown's Faye Dunaway mouthing "knew it" for her 1973 loss to Ellen Burstyn, for Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore (11 rows down); and Lost in Translation nominee Bill Murray's look of utter annoyance/indifference upon losing to Mystic River's Sean Penn in 2003 (17 rows down). For any film fan, this gif offers hours of entertainment.

And by the by: Tomorrow are the 84th Annual Academy Awards. I'll be live-blogging them at 7 p.m. ET.

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