'SNL' Skewers Racist Attitudes Towards Jeremy Lin

In a very funny cold-open, Saturday Night Live took aim at all the racist cracks being made at Jeremy Lin's expense.

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Last night, Saturday Night Live opened with a sketch that took aim at the mania surrounding New York Knicks' star point guard Jeremy Lin, and the spate of racist cracks and comments that have been made at his expense. It starts innocently enough, with the sportscasters rattling off a list of new superlatives starting in "Lin." Then the Asian stereotypes begin to fly: "He's sweet not sour...He turned Kobe into kobe beef!" But when Taran Killam's character keeps trying to interject similar jokes about black people ("And Kobe's like, 'Hey! I ordered fried chicken!'"), he nearly gets pummeled by the rest of the panel, who fail to notice the double-standard. It was a very funny sketch -- if he wasn't laughing before, Lin's probably laughing now. Plus, he can add "subject of an SNL cold-open sketch" to his growing list of notable accomplishments.

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