Prepare for the Stephen Colbert Children's Book Experience

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Colbert Report host Stephen Colbert has landed a deal to write a children's book  titled I Am a Pole (and So Can You!). The book will be a follow up to his adult best-seller I Am America (And So Can You!) and, as its title suggests, it's about a flag pole. Sounds like it'll be funny (to adults anyway) if somewhat rushed. "It's been a lifelong dream of mine to write a children's book. I hope the minutes you and your loved ones spend reading it are as fulfilling as the minutes I spent writing it," he jokes (we hope.)

We question whether the readership will actually be made up of children and not adult fans, but we suppose that depends on which version of Stephen Colbert actually pens the book. For insight into Colbert-the-Character's off-beat views on children check out his very funny, very combative interview with the very accomplished children's author Maurice Sendak, featuring this exchange:

Colbert: (Kids) are just biding their time until we're gone and then they get our stuff...

Sendak: It's an interesting point of view. Not interesting to me, particularly ...


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