Pat Kiernan is Ready for Prime (Morning) Time

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In news currently thrilling many a New Yorker, local hero Pat Kiernan, NY1 anchor and star of his own "Shit [____] Says" video, has revealed that he will be guest-hosting Live! With Kelly on March 7. Willem Dafoe will be the special guest that day.

Gothamist's Jen Carlson writes that Kiernan told the Website -- with his characteristic dry (Canadian) wit -- "Only a handful of people in the world have my level of expertise in holding up newspapers on camera. Kelly does an admirable job, but I know together we can take it to the next level." 

Live! has been on the lookout for a co-host for Kelly Ripa since Regis Philbin departed in November. Nick Lachey and Martin Short are also scheduled as upcoming co-hosts. March 7, though, is special for New Yorkers, and means that Kiernan's long-held ambition (to replace Regis Philbin) has a chance to take root and bloom. Back in January 2011, during an interview for the Village Voice, he also confessed another long-term ideal: to host Jeopardy! when Alex Trebek retires. (Keep an out eye for that.)

For now, he's taking it one morning at a time. He told the Atlantic Wire of his upcoming Live! appearance that he's "just treating it as one fun day and trying not to make anything more out of it." If this Facebook group is any indication, many Kiernan fans will be setting their DVRs. 

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